Sega teases mobile entry in its long-running Phantasy Star RPG series

Phantasy Star mobile game

Japanese game publisher Sega has begun teasing a mobile entry in its popular Phantasy Star RPG series.

As part of a celebration of the franchise’s 30th anniversary, the company has created a vague Phantasy Star website featuring a countdown and text reading “RPG for iOS/Android.” The countdown will conclude at 11pm ET, when the game will presumably be revealed.

The last entry in the series was Phantasy Star Nova, which released in November 2014 on the PlayStation Vita in Japan only.

This isn’t the first time Phantasy Star has come to mobile. Phantasy Star II, a Sega Genesis title originally released in the west in March 1990, is currently available as a free-to-download game on both Android and iOS.

Via: Android Authority 

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