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Here are all the cities that entered Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge

There are 159 in total

The Canadian government issued a challenge to cities and communities in Canada to see what they could do to make Canadian cities smarter.

159 different cities across the county have applied to the challenge and now it will be up to the panel of judges to decide on what cities will walk away with the prize.

The first prize could be as high as $50 million and can be awarded to any community or city regardless of its population size. There are also two prizes of $10 million that will be awarded to communities with a population of under 500,000. The final prize is $5 million and it will be awarded to a community that has less than 30,000 people.

Cities were able to apply for any of these prizes but they had to focus ideas within the competition’s framework. There are six areas of focus: economic opportunity, empowerment and inclusion, environmental quality, healthy living and recreation, mobility and safety and security.

If you’re curious to see if your city or community has applied to the challenge you can check out all of the applicants here.

Source: The Government of Canada

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