Star Wars AR stickers are coming to Google’s Pixel smartphones


  • Lion5

    Only a very small number of devices have 8.1. My Pixel XL is still waiting for 8.1 which was supposedly launched a week ago.

    • thereasoner

      My original Pixel got it on day 2, I just checked for it manually and there it was.

    • Lion5

      Checked today and still no go. This is a joke.

  • John

    Just got my update for 8.1. Have the original Pixel.

  • Mike Spadafora

    I received the 8.1 update on my pixel 2 XL. How do I get these stickers? I followed the instructions above and they are not there

  • formulaphone

    You’ll see updates available for two apps: AR Stickers and ARCore. Once those update, fire up the camera app and BOOM, they’re there. I’ve been using hem since this morning and they’re pretty fun 🙂

    • John

      Ironically, I didn’t get those updates right away. They didn’t even show up in my Needs Update list until I searched for them, then they said it needs to be updated.

  • Mike Spadafora

    I had to restart my phone after the update and they work now

  • Jason Hale

    @formulaphone has the answer

  • Warren Chang

    Hmm I got 8.1 yesterday on my OG Pixel XL and just now opened my camera app and nothing. even restarted and still no option for this – what the hell……

    • Victor Creed

      Update your AR apps in google play

      AR Core
      AR Stickers

  • Lion5

    I’m sitting here with a Rogers Pixel XL and no damned update to 8.1.

  • Bobby Russelo

    Got my update last night!

    Maybe just my over use of the AR stickers, but I found using the AR stickers did quite the drain on my battery