Latest iOS update includes fix for iPhone X screen responsiveness issue


  • Skippy

    I think they removed the control center trigger from reachability which sucks


    well now everytime I press the power button it pauses my music from any source 🙁

  • thereasoner

    It always amazes me just how buggy iOS is. The bug fixes just never stop coming, especially with iOS 11.

    • Do Do

      To be fair, not that Apple needs more apologists around here but I’m sure you’ve been reading, they’re not alone on needing bug fixes from what I’ve read. Pixel 2, screen burn in, blue hue, high pitch sound/clicking in the ear etc.. Note 8, choppy scrolling, unable to remove icons from home screen, face unlock virtually useless, a yellow, pink, or purple tint on the screen, dead pixels on the screen, and the first one I recall reading about where you couldn’t make calls to people in your contact list, that one is all over youtube, don’t know if any of these are fixed.

      Anyway my point is all these disposable phones are crap considering what people are paying. There’s clearly no respect for consumers and if anything, when it comes to something being software fixable, Apple, at least to me, seems faster than most others at getting a fix out and when it’s hardware, they’re just as bad if not worse than others at not taking responsibility for their screw up. Luckily, so far, from what I can tell everyone’s problems are software repairable.

    • thereasoner

      I agree that the bugs for Googles devices are unusually high this year but my Pixel from last year is great. That said, I’ve always found the bugs to be much more for iOS over the years.