Amazon launches Fire TV Stick Basic Edition in Canada


  • Zoughi

    Does that mean I will be able to watch prime video using my Fire stick purchased in the US?

    • Neil Osadchy

      yeah that’s what I’d like to know as well

    • Homer J. Simpson

      I have US Amazon Prime and US Prime Stick and it works in Canada. However, I was only able to watch Amazon Original videos on Prime video. I think this will change that. That is assuming the info on the amazon ca page is correct.

      Nvm, just got someone to try it and still doesn’t work on non Amazon Original videos.

  • Skyteria

    Hmm. Not sure if I should buy this or wait and hope that the app will be on Roku in the near future.

    • cerfcanuck .

      The fact that, unlike the US, Prime video is not supported on Roku is the main reason I don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription. How hard can it be to make their existing Roku channel work up here?

    • Jonathon

      Same here. If they had a Roku channel or even official Chromecast support I’d have Prime. I guess I’ll just have a nice backlog of things to watch when they finally have one or the other here.

    • moovyguy

      .. Please delete

  • Marshall Davidson

    Too little too late really. They should’ve brought this forward years ago when they launched in the US.

  • john smith


  • stiguy

    Will places like Best buy carry this? I don’t want to buy it online.

    • Wisam Mshati

      If you buy it from Amazon, it comes pre-registered with your account. Why would you not buy it from the source?

  • John

    Can this be controlled by voice via Alexa if you have an Echo device? Like the Fire TV’s in the US.