Google is bringing its physical Picture Album service ‘Photo Books’ to Canada


  • PK

    Quote – The process of creating a digital photo book in 2017 isn’t exactly easy or quick, given that the images first need to be physically printed out and then placed in specially crafted photography books — unless you use a complicated digital layout program.

    This is not true. Similar online service to Google Photo Book has existing for many years. I’ve created many physical photo books, using simple step-by-step guides and templates from online service providers (Shutterfly, Montage, even Costco, to name just a few) without ever first physically printing out any pictures.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Even at Walmart, if you have the patience to stand there and sludge through Kodak’s photo machine menus.

  • Lion5

    It’s already available on the Android app here in Canada. That was fast. 😀

    • Arshad

      It’s definitely online but don’t see it in the App store.

    • Lion5

      It’s right in the Photos app. Click the hamburger overflow menu and the first option is Photo Books. Right above Device Folders, Archive, etc.

    • Seems to only allow american shipping for some reason though. 🙁

    • Lion5

      Really? I haven’t tried to place an order yet. Wow.

  • Stephen B Morris

    I like the idea. I’d prefer they try to make money this way rather than placing an ad banner on my son’s face in the photos app. I’ll give it a try.

  • Daniel Szilagyi

    I actually really like this idea, i think it’s a nice way to have a physical stored collection of photos from something that is a little more special than an average event! looking forward to this

  • Max Power

    My issue is the $17 shipping charges. Ridiculous