Amazon Echo speakers have reportedly started to accept Canadian addresses

Amazon Echo speaker

While the Amazon Echo has yet to officially launch in Canada, a number of users are reporting that their Canadian addresses are working with the smart home speaker.

“Tonight around 11pm I decided I would try to add my Canadian address, as I tend to do from time to time, and shockingly, it accepted it!” writes original poster asutt on a reddit thread. “It was added normally through the app. I can confirm that weather and local information are functional.” While asutt and others have noted there are some caveats — it’s still not possible to shop on Amazon using an Echo set to a Canadian address, for example, and the speaker sets the wrong time zone at first — all other features are working properly.

“Shopping doesn’t seem to work, and it initially set the wrong timezone, but everything else seems fine.”

Interestingly, as per user reports, it seems that addresses from other countries do work with the Echo, such as those from South America, South Africa and Australia.

Have you had success in putting Canadian addresses into the Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments.