Freedom Mobile has overhauled its rate plans [Update]

The company is expanding its offering to include 10 rate plans


  • Now that the only incentive to join Wind/Freedom (cheaper plans) has been eliminated, why would anyone sign up to WIND when they can pay the same/similar price on one of the 3 SUPERIOR national networks?

    • Andrew Goldenberg

      This exactly. Sorry Freedom but your network is still garbage and with pricing like this it’s highly unlikely you’re going to get any more support from customers.

      You’re about to crash and burn at this pricing.

    • somebody else

      Wrong data-hungry individuals will keep them alive, including those used to getting a prepaid sim for data abroad (since US carriers don’t want people roaming). Big talkers (new customers that isn’t and texters won’t complain either. As long as it works fine in the home, and everywhere else they go to, it’ll be their carrier.

    • Brandon Arneson

      If usa carriers didnt want you roaming then why does Freedom still have the $20 us roaming add on

    • somebody else

      I think the US carriers or rogers/bell/telus were complaining and didn’t want it included in the plans anymore. There must be some kind of outside influence. I still can’t figure it out.

    • Techguru86

      Because Freedoms data is still unlimited but higher limit before throttling

    • Omar

      In terms of what you’re getting for the money, it’s still significantly better than what the Big 3 offer. Quality/service wise, not so much.

    • somebody else

      That all depends on individual needsg/requirements/preferences. That and it works fine inside their home (condo/apartment, house). If not, an AWS booster helps, or another carrier.

  • Jason Bennett

    Doesn’t seem that great to me. They away network thing just pushes me away from them

  • Leif Shantz

    Aaaand the price increases begin…..

    • Techguru86

      They have legitimate excuses, ask the big 3 about price differences in que, sask

  • hoo dat

    I’m guessing these plans aren’t going to help them win ‘Best Canadian Carrier’

    • Techguru86

      Well people want more data still better prices than the big 3 considering they’re not unlimited

    • hoo dat

      Agreed. But compared to most of the grandfathered pre-LTE plans many subs are using the data caps on a lot of the new plans aren’t as strong and a lot of features are missing and are a lot more expensive. If this was Freedom’s way of encouraging people to switch to LTE then they’ve definitely failed.

    • somebody else

      I don’t think they failed, people just use data far more often these days than voice or sms. Seen it quite often, I always hear about people complaining about going over their data (robellus customers), yet those on freedom mobile never complain about that.

    • 3ygy8w8a

      Can’t go over the data cap if you have no network connection 🙂

    • somebody else

      Hahaha correct. Funny note: I forgot my sim (changing devices) at home and found I couldn’t make any calls or do anything when I was out and about. Had to use a payphone to call the person who was supposed to call me.

  • Tommy

    Aaaaaaaand you need a Band 66 phone to use LTE or else youre only getting 4G?

    • specialk2000

      In the near future band 7 and 13 will launch too. Many older phones work with one or both of those bands.

    • somebody else

      3g/4g/H/H+ for the 3G network, LTE for the LTE network.
      Hope that resolves such confusion.

  • Victoria G.

    Anyone else find these plans confusing? The home and away network thing has always been puzzling for me and a deterrent.

    • somebody else

      Away is roaming on bell, telus and roger’s networks.
      If you have a grandfathered plan that includes it in the us and canada, you’ll be just fine.

    • Victoria G.

      But I always thought roaming was using your phone on a foreign network like when you travel to the States or internationally. How can roam while in Canada? Perhaps it’s the term roam that is confusing for me.

    • Uneeb Memon

      Freedom doesn’t have coverage in all of Canada. That’s why you can roam in Canada. So if you’re out of Freedom coverage zone (like Atlantic Canada for example) you will be using Telus/Bell/Rogers network and be on the away network, ergo roaming.

    • somebody else

      It’s why they call it away, because it is essentially a regional network. To me, roaming is roaming. Robelus does it across their own networks, but doesn’t call it roaming. Silly stuff.


    These increased plans and prices must mean they are going to expand the network to justify them… Come on band 7 and 13.

    Or, they need to do this to be allowed to carry the iPhone 8/8+ and the x.

    Makes me glad I got the $40 for 6gb promo back in August and the lg v20 for $0 on the $20 tab.

    • somebody else

      Eh, they signed a deal with iSatan and I wished they never did. Gahhhhhh…… what can we do, customers kept up the demand and they gave in. xD

      Keep the plan you have, as will I.

  • Detroit Lions fan

    I don’t need LTE I download from home wi-fi and 3g is enough for when I am out
    I’ll keep my 29.00 Plan for as long as I can

    • somebody else

      There was a similar initial LTE promo plan close to that price I wish I had jumped on at the time. Long gone now. Lol

  • Tyler Hardeman

    Wow, they’re really adding confusion and increasing prices.

    This is crazy.

    • somebody else

      It’s for new customers. I pity those that abandon grandfathered plans. Lol

  • hardy83

    “plus an additional 8GB of data over a 24 month period.”

    What does that even mean?
    Does that mean, the 12GB plan after 2 years will have a monthly 20GB cap?

    Why make these plans so confusing? I get the higher tier plans, but this seems unnecessarily complicated.

    • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It’s the opposite. After 24 months, it will be a 12GB/month plan.

    • somebody else

      Best to inquire with freedom mobile once the plans go into effect. If you already are grandfathered, keep the plan.

  • dc2000

    Huh, I’ll keep my i35 plan. 5GB is good enough for me for music streaming + GPS. Shaw buying out freedom will just make it so their prices align with the other carriers.. maybe 25 percent cheaper but 90 percent of Canada isn’t covered.. I have a Telus line for cheap and get coverage everywhere as a backup. This is going to crash and burn.. Going the wrong direction there Shaw…

  • Manuel Orellana

    Why would they do something like this, rather than simplify things you make it more confusing for people to choose. I think people want less plans that are more streamlined, this is a bit of a cluster**** if you ask me.

    • somebody else

      If you already have a grandfathered plan, it’s best to stay with it.

  • Pisdan

    I’m glad I got the promo 50 plan when I did. These plans are horrible. With my F&F discount I’m paying only $32.50 a month and get US roaming. No US roaming on these. If this is the route Freedom is going with a sub par network they aren’t going to gain customers!

    • somebody else

      It’s the US carriers we roam off of who are selfish and don’t want new customers roaming. So if you want the roaming data, get a prepaid sim, or just keep the plan you have and stay with it forever and ever. 😉

    • You’re making that assumption.

    • somebody else

      It is a valid assumption, or it could be robelus did not want it included in any plan, due to them crying about it relentlessly.

    • Big Shooter

      That’s the exact same plan I switched to… was worried about what they were really going to charge me, but sure enough, $32.50+tax.. LOCKED IN, and the coverage and speed has been fine

    • David Hutcheon

      I just got the 35 percent off so 50 everywhere plan is not 32.50 for life

    • Big Shooter

      How do you know?

    • David Hutcheon

      I just got it

    • Big Shooter

      Sorry, I thought I read “not” $32.50 for life, did you edit your comment?

  • Tim

    I’ll keep my $50/8GB plan from Koodo.

  • Omar

    I never thought I’d see the day when Freedom/Wind offered a plan for $100/month (pre-Shaw purchase). Damn. Here comes the Big 4…

    • somebody else

      They have to pay for the network somehow… including the spectrum licenses. They cost more than a radio broadcast license.

    • Rimtu Kahn

      20 GB LTE plus unlimited slow

    • Brandon Arneson

      Dont forget the bonus 5gb is not permanent you lose it after two years which gives u 15gb

    • Rimtu Kahn

      Freedom won’t be able to take the 5 GB away. After 2 years u will be a valued customers and if you call to request it, they will reinstate it even if they do dare to take it away. Plus in 2 years time new cellular technology will take hold of the market and people will be trying to get on to 5G in a hurry.

  • horemans

    MMm… just joined the 50 promo, and considering dropping Public Mobile
    Freedom is robust in west end Vancouver. Also much improved in Toronto and Mississauga.
    As they have built out more sites, things are improving greatly. A location where I had no signal last winter (1391 Lakeshore West, Toronto) now has excellent LTE signal.
    I am tempted to drop Public Mobile by November 8 when I renew for 3 months…. And as all of us, we have great expectations for the new bands! I expect Shaw has allocated the $$$ for this and it is just a matter of time to obtain and install the equipment. In the home zones then, a robust signal is expected. The only negative then with Freedom then will be the home/away thing. For that reason the grandfathered plans, especially the 50 with US coverage, will be golden.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Yep I’m keeping the everywhere50 plan with the $10 3gb data addon

    • somebody else

      same here buddy. The savings are steller.

  • Brandon Arneson

    I’m staying on my Everywhere 59 plan that I got for $50 and I also have the $10 3gb data addon. Not changing my plan at all. I need my phone and cant afford $100 per month

    • somebody else

      Yeah, it totally makes sense to stay grandfathered. US carriers got selfish, makes me think rogers, bell and telus are the same by forcing freedom to charge extra for additional minutes on the new plans. (growls like an unhappy bobcat)

    • David Hutcheon

      I am with you got the same deal not changing

    • Igor Babichev

      I couldn’t have been happier with my Everywhere 59 plan, as I spend a lot of time in the US. As long as I can keep using it, I’m fine. But if they try to force me off it, I’ll just switch to T-Mobile One plan.

    • Rimtu Kahn

      U r getting 11 GB, on a $10 promo discount. Ignoring the discount you can still get 10 GB for $60. $100 is for 20 GB

      Ignoring promo because Freedom I’m sure will continue to offer promo for time to time. Maybe Christmas time you get a promo $10 off again.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Sorry but I can’t afford to and I won’t pay $100 for 20gb of high speed data especially since the bonus 5gb is only there for two years it isn’t permanent

    • Rimtu Kahn

      The one thing missing in the new everywhere plans is the US roaming. Everything else is similar if you ignore the promo.

  • John Battaglia

    I have been eyeing up Freedom’s plans for quite some time, but these new plans make it too pricey for me. Sure there is Unlimited data @ Slower speeds, but I’m much happier with my current plan at Public Mobile ($99/90 days = $33/month; 12GB, Unl. Prov. Talk, Unl. Int. Text) and the potential for it to go down another $12/90 days to $87/90 days which is a great price

    • 3ygy8w8a

      Really enjoying my public mobile too. But how did you get it to 99? I am currently at 114 I think.

    • John Battaglia

      Base Price: $120
      LESS Loyalty: ($3)
      LESS Referrals: ($12)
      LESS Autopay: ($6)
      Final cost of $99/90 days

    • Sean Metivier

      12gb a month or 12gb over 3 months?

    • John Battaglia

      Sorry, should’ve clarified, gets a little confusing with PM plans. It is 12GB over 90 days, so 4GB/month. A heck of a lot more than I use to have (300Mins, 300MB, Texting W/ Virgin for $39/month)

  • somebody else

    I am keeping my now grandfathered plan. LTE ready and all, and not changing it unless something that includes US data is included. No sweat. Carrier’s evolve, and I have a bad feeling the US carriers don’t want freedom mobile roaming off of their network in terms of data, on the new plans. It sucks really, but it is not freedom mobile’s fault. Blame the US carriers.

  • bmccull

    They’ve got this the wrong way round. They should have improved the network first before jacking up prices.

  • adossa

    They are now what they said they wouldnt be by joining the big 3. If I wanted tio spend anything above $50 I would go to a carrier that provides full reception and coverage. Good luck getting new customers at those prices!

    • Agree, big 3 prices with startup network service. I thought they would sweeten the pot, but they are going the other way. If anyone has an offer to lure me away and match their old plan, I’m in

  • Croc Ography

    Wow those are horrible new plans! Going to be staying with my xmas $40 plan from years ago.

  • Haris

    Horrible signal even in popular cities, I barely get reception in my house. They need to fix that first before they go ahead and charge 50+ for phone plans. I rather have 2gb for 35$ with good reception rather than 6 GB with slow/non working data.

  • Gerald Kirkpatrick

    I have the $40 unbreakable plan. I just got a phone for my wife and signed up for the $59LTE plan for only $50. Looks like a good deal as it is grandfathered. Dealer was surprised to know I was aware of new plans. Thank you mobilesyrup. I just hope that Freedom does not become like the other networks and thinks competition is just raising prices.
    I have been with Wind…. Freedom….whats next Shaw…since Maple Ridge got coverage.

  • Tim

    Who’s the genius that thought charging extra to make outgoing calls would be a good idea?

    • Raj Brar

      Some people don’t make calls anymore. Especially with all the VOIP apps available.

  • fruvous

    These rates are still higher than the old mobi 20GB for $50 (now $60) plans. And I’m sure their network is still just as bad.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    There are some crazy confusion regarding the price hike at freedom, so allow me to clarify. Yes freedom has increased their prices but so have others, in ratio however Freedom is offering much much better deals than Robellus as they have done in the past.

    E.g. I will use Rogers as example but Bellus would be similar and you can find out for yourself. Say you want the best deal on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

    Freedom: $135+tax per month will get you note 8 for $0 up front. The plan will cover your calling to any number in Canada and US, unlimited global text, 20 GB LTE data plus unlimited slow speed data after 20 GB. If you are not in an area covered by freedom network in Canada you get 1 GB high speed data (unlimited slow speed after that), unlimited global text and up to 2400 mins to call any number in Canada and US.

    Rogers: $190+tax per month will get you note 8 for $549+tax up front. This plan will cover your calling to any number in Canada only, messaging within Canada only, Rogers GameCentre live. Usage in non-Rogers coverage area will be charged extra, any data usage beyond 20GB will be charged extra. Calling to US numbers is charged extra, Messaging to outside Canada is charged extra.

    Just doing a Rogers vs Freedom using Note 8 as example on the most expensive plan from Freedom to a middle tier plan from Rogers (their plan prices go up to $410 per month for 80GB data everything else same) you can see, with Freedom you save $549+tax up front on Note 8, $55+tax per month, and you get US calling, global messaging, partner network roaming with exactly same service (limited only by quantity of talk Min and LTE data).

    I think most of you are also missing the point that data offering has gone up significantly. Previous highest data offering from Freedom was 10GB for $60+tax per month. And in fact with the new plans you can still get 10 GB data plan for $60. It’s just that additional tiers are added offering significantly higher LTE data buckets. I hope this clarifies the new plans from Freedom and you can see the price increase is not so much a price increase as it is a list of additional premium offerings. Additionally there’s absolutely no comparison with Rogers likely Bellus, because Freedom will still cost you less than half of what you would pay for the exact same set of services with Rogers.

    P.S. keep in mind with Freedom data bucket /bandwidth mentioned always implies LTE data, after which you still get unlimited slow speed data (which based on my experience is good enough for all the messaging apps, and even streaming audio music, but not so good for YouTube and other streaming video.)

  • VeryGoodIMO

    These guys are just mor*ns. I have been thinking of switching for a while but these new plans with lousy coverage are as insane as plans from big 3. Might as well just stay put. Shaw had a chance to change things in Canada but they just want to follow the herd and stay distant 4th. Their Black Friday deals are even worse than what they had a week ago.