Freedom Mobile’s LTE network will be available in all its Ontario markets by August 31

Freedom Mobile

Almost one year after the company rebranded and announced its LTE network, Freedom Mobile has nearly completed its rollout in Ontario.

MobileSyrup has obtained internal documents that show Freedom Mobile’s LTE coverage will be available in all its Ontario markets as of August 31st, 2017, with further development to come.

Band 66 coverage will be added to Windsor, London and Barrie, while band 4 coverage will be available in Peterborough and Kingston. 

The band 4 frequency is far more common than band 66. Band 4’s introduction to Peterborough and Kingston are positive signs that Freedom Mobile might have plans to expand their LTE coverage to more accessible frequencies.

Band 66 is still only available on a handful of devices, and many of those devices are costly, premium-tier flagship phones. Still, Freedom has been making a point of selling more affordable phones, like the Moto E4, that support band 66 LTE.

While this is certainly great news for customer’s living in Freedom’s Ontario markets, it’s important to remember that the company’s network is not available in every part of the province.

The documents make no mention of when Freedom’s LTE expansion in its other provincial markets will be complete.

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