Koodo now offering EasyRoam daily roaming feature for international travel


  • disqus_cJU8ToIypT

    So I’ve been wondering for a while: when did the caps change from back when the CRTC said $50 domestic and $100 international?

    • Andrew Holt

      Telus will still cut you off after $100, but then if you agree will charge you up to the $150 max for Easy Roam per billing cycle. It’s a con game. The CRTC should cap international roaming at $100 per billing period with no option to opt in for more.

    • It’s Me

      I’d agree except for the hard cap with no option to extend. I’d like to see a hard cap at $100 but if it’s on one of these roaming plans that gives you access to your domestic bucket then the pipe should remain open with no extra charge passed the $100.

    • thomas nguyen

      Agreed, at a cap of 100, it will only cover 16 days of travel. If I travel longer, I should be able to pay for it. The $100 cap seems to be for an antiquated system based on the pay per use charges that we used to pay. Which, in those days, adds up a whole lot quicker and was not competitive one bit.

  • LouisR

    “Previous to the arrival of this feature, Koodo customers’ best options were travel packages.” -> I beg to differ: the best option was a local prepaid SIM or something like Roam Mobility. (It probably still is in many cases…)

    At least the convenience of keeping your usual number isn’t as absurdly expensive as before.

    • It’s Me


      For all of the various options I’ve tried I have to admit that with Rogers/Fido extreme text messaging, the best combination was a local sim and then calls and texts forwarded (or copied for texts) to a service like google voice (if you have us calling) or Fongo. That way you never missed any calls or texts to your Canadian number while anywhere in the world and could still take advantage of local sim rates.

      But for some trips at these new rates, it definitely means an option to consider when travelling. Local sim is not going to be an automatic no brainer anymore.

  • Carolina

    TMobile’s got international roaming included on like a $50 everything unlimited plan

  • David Nyarko

    The Easy Roam covers a lot more International countries than what Rogers or Fido offer. This can be a benefit. Also i do not see a restriction on the type of monthly plan one needs to qualify unlike with Fido where one has to be on a pulse plan.

  • Marshall Davidson

    Too bad this wasn’t available when I was visiting Dominican Republic in August. I forgot to turn off the roaming data feature and got dinged $45 for the data equivalent of checking a couple emails! WTF!

  • Garrett Cooper

    When I signed up for Koodo back in July, I knew their roaming options sucked and it was something I’d have to deal with. Nice to see a decent option now. I’ll be in Mexico for 16 days for xmas, being that a day of this lasts 24hrs I’m hoping I can pick when to activate it and maybe use it every other day or something along those lines. Or every few days.

  • N00bicals

    Nope, still astronomically expensive. I’ll get a local SIM thanks.

  • Robin

    Ha! Do they think we’re i****s? It’s much cheaper to just buy a local sim card and pop it in our phones, when I was in Finland it was 7 euros for two gigs and unlimited minutes.

    Nice try, Kodoo, you’re asshats though.