Netflix to reportedly spend $500 million over 5 years on Canadian content


  • Do Do

    “Canadian content”

    Translation, boring content.

    • Rev0lver

      Often this can be true. But many shows that are either filmed (Fargo) or written (The Handmaid’s Tale) in Canada can be top notch. No reason to believe Netflix will fail to produce quality Canadian content.

  • Surveillance

    Netflix doesn’t have that kind of money to waste, does it?

  • johny

    or pay taxes..

  • Aleph Ruehl

    I’m all about having more French language content on Netflix because their current selection is wanting. However, there’s no need to spend significant sums on French language Canadian content when they can just pay French content holders for the right to stream their [generally superior] content in Canada.

  • Caramel Goodness

    Give us canadian content by providing us more US content. ok thanks.