Virgin Mobile and Fido offer $45/4GB Alberta-only promo plans


  • Heather J Morrow Hills

    I guess as a loyal Fido subscriber I’m screwed. New customers get the sweet deals.

    • Leif Shantz

      you aren’t screwed…. just give Fido a call and threaten to leave, they will transfer you to a loyalty department, then they may give you a deal or add more data to your existing plan.

    • Sam Lambert

      Which really shouldn’t be necessary in the first place

    • Telnets

      most companies work like this, it shouldn’t be new or a surprise

    • Emil

      This is exactly what I hate about these guys. People who have stuck with them get nothing. Unless, of course you raise bloody hell and wade through to their people to get some stupid retention offer. Why do I have to do that the first place?

    • Aaron

      Long time Fido here was on 6GB for 60 with 2GB bonus for 8GB, recently phoned in and got reduced to $55 for same didn’t lose bonus data (Canada wide unlimited of course). Was also offered 45 for 4GB and 75 for 10GB

  • Andrew Holt

    If Freedom Mobile/Shaw Wireless is smart, they would fill out the provinces of BC and Alberta with province-wide coverage to become the regional carrier, not unlike SaskTel and MTS are in Sask. and MB. That would then give those two provinces enough competition to have prices go down to match those that are offered in Manitoba, Sask. and Quebec. This would leave Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces as the last places the big 3 could gouge, and more than likely start a price war on a national level.

    • EBIGN

      Except Shaw seems like they are rolling out province-wide expansion a little slow. Since they bought Wind, they should of expanded to other cities in AB and BC but so far they have retained the original coverge.

    • meh

      They have been working on expansions out west: Victoria BC is currently underway and Airdrie AB (North of Calgary) was just added in August. I’d bet and hope that there is more expansion going on in AB/BC behind the scenes, with Shaw’s cable business based out here it’s the next logical step for Freedom

  • canucks4life

    Anyone know is the Fido matching promo only for AB customers?

    • Victor Creed

      Would make sense. Can’t get these plans anywhere else.

  • Dreed Lineage

    FIDO have new plan for Alberta only right now when you call for new activation 45$ 4GB Not only on ther store.

  • Brandon Arneson

    You forgot to mention that freedoms $50 everywhere plan gives u Canada roaming as well as USA. The plan states that.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Wow, special pricing for AB. I’m actually surprised.

  • Dreed Lineage

    The ePromo on Fido will expire today!