Nvidia drops Shield TV price to $229 in wake of Apple TV 4K launch


  • Mister E…

    Available from NewEgg (had been $245 for the base model including the controller! Amazon had it at $243 for a few days) and NCIX…Excellent device…


    Shield TV user……. love it!

  • Smanny

    The shield TV can play PC type games as well. Something that Apple TV cannot do.

  • Walter

    Are those CDN prices?

  • Nick Cook

    It’s 279 Canadian everywhere with the controller…
    Amazon, new egg… Everywhere.
    Soooo I call fake news

    • Beau_Taylor

      It’s $229 without game controller, $259 with game controller. Vision Electonics sells both models and the pro version. So enough with the fake news bs.