Freedom launches 12-day flash sale of $40/6GB and $50/8GB plans


  • eszklar

    Nice timing – iPhone 8/8+ comes out tomorrow and is Band 66 compliant.

    • Rose

      Careful, so far we’ve found that the unlocked iPhone 8 has the same issues on Freedom’s LTE network as other unlocked devices like the OnePlus 5. LTE works, but making a call or otherwise dropping off LTE leaves you on 3G until you reboot or toggle on/off Airplane Mode.

    • eszklar

      Fair play – I imagine Freedom’s Networking/Software Engineers are getting ready for this very contingency. The iPhone 8/8+/X is the only phone with sufficient demand to push Freedom Mobile as the “next big carrier”. It isn’t the One Plus 5 or the Note 8 or any other unlocked Band 66-compliant Android phone that will push Freedom to accommodate its future user base – it will be Apple and this year’s iPhones.

      My $0.02’s worth.

    • Andrew Holt

      That would be Freedom’s mistake to make, because like it or not, Android users do outnumber IOS users.

    • Brandon Arneson

      That’s very true. I prefer android over iOS and so do a lot of other people.

    • Rose

      Absolutely, we’re in the process!

  • specialk2000

    Reps are not able to change existing cutsomers to these plans in store, don’t waste your time asking them.

  • Kevin Riley

    you have to call in to get it changed. I did it 2 weeks ago.

    • rPacific

      Did they change it without any hassles?

    • Kevin Riley

      Pretty much, said it was a one time loyalty change. I said thank you and hung up, lol.

    • rPacific

      I tried…they said for new customers only. 🙁

  • OptimusOBrien

    Have this plan and its amazing. Called customer care and got it switched over with not hassle