Public Mobile offers promo plan competitive with Freedom’s $40/4GB deal


  • AGuy

    Only available in Ontario 🙁

    • Miles Harbord

      The last price war was only in Quebec, I’m going to bet you’ll have one in your area soon enough.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re an existing customer you can change to that plan via self serve. I just did it and I’m in Alberta.

  • TheTechSmith

    They got interesting again! After their last price hike they were probably hearing crickets.

  • Andrw

    I guess the $40 per month/120 days/12GB promo won’t be coming back any time soon?

  • gmd

    PM customers do not get the same speeds as TELUS and Koodo customers.

    • Samano

      Make sense any proof

    • Anonymous

      I got something like 165 mpbs in a speedtest few weeks back, they for sure get the same speeds

    • Samano

      Okay that nice .

    • Hello Moto ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Do PM customers really need 150-200 Mbps? 20-70 Mbps is plenty for the meager data allowances included with Canadian phone plans.

    • Samano

      More for your money I always good for consumers

    • mysteriousanon

      They do. There was an issue in their backend that was resolved a couple of months ago. Speeds went from 60mbps to 215mbps in the same location.

      Also there’s a thread regarding the throttling and it mentions that the issue has been resolved, unless you have more up to date info

    • nekkidtruth


  • Miles Harbord

    What happens after 90 days? What would be the point in switching if you get the same craptastic telus rates after 90 days?

    • silver_arrow

      You pay again.

    • Miles Harbord

      So it’s not monthly, it’s every 90 days? What’s the point?

    • Discounted rate. Check it out in the PM site. Its easy to see the plan layed out. I just switched my plan and got an additional 2 GB per month for 195 every 90 days. 18 GB, Canada wide calling and multi media text.

    • nekkidtruth

      The point is you pay every 90 days instead of every 30 days. Weekdays the point in paying every 30 days? Any does the need to be a point?

  • nekkidtruth

    I’m already with PM. It will take a pretty significant deal to pull me away from the $12/month I currently pay with referrals and discounts. Unlimited province wide calling, unlimited global text and 12GB data over 90 days.

  • vn33

    I see they have the 9Gb+3Gb bonus for 90 days, for $141
    Is the 3Gb bonus data permanent (as long as you subscribe to the plan), or is it only a one time bonus?

    • nekkidtruth

      I don’t see anything to indicate it’s a one time bonus. As with nearly all other PM offers, as long as you’re subscribed to the plan you should be good to go.