Sony Xperia XZ Premium officially available in Canada for $1,100 unlocked


  • jellmoo

    Hahahahaha!!! Oh my god Sony, go home, you’re drunk.

  • Eluder

    There’s no way people are going to pay that much for a Sony phone. Samsung is the only company in the Android world that will garner that type of pricing. Possibly Google too, but Sony has no chance of selling any meaningful volume of this phone at that price point.

  • Omar

    Whoever is incharge of setting prices in Sony should be fired for this, because they’re almost singlehandedly destroying it’s mobile division… Excellent phones, embarassing prices…

  • XY

    No finger print sensor, no sales. Heck even Asus manages to shove a finger print sensor on sub $300 phones.

    • Smanny

      It has the hardware. It’s just disabled in the software. These must be coming from the States (US). You can enabled it again if you want.

  • southerndinner

    “Today is the day many have been waiting for

    Read more at Sony Xperia XZ Premium officially available in Canada for $1,100 unlocked”

    5 people isn’t many people imo.

    Also LOL $1100 for a Sony phone?

    • Whome

      $1100 for any cell phone unless it’s made of gold is ridiculous.

    • TheTechSmith

      I think @Ian was poking fun at the fact that many are excited for the iPhone 8 being announced today.

    • skrug

      still better than iPhone lol

  • Whome

    Who is paying over a grand for any cell phone regardless of the manufacturer unless they are rich? For some of us this is a months rent. I have a hard enough time paying $500 for a cell phone. There is no way I could afford this.

    • skrug

      lol i guess there are many rich people, look at the many people that buy iPhone,

    • Whome

      Yup. I don’t get it.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Hard pass! I used to love Sony phones, recommended them to everyone. Then my waterproof Z5 died of water damage. There’s a class action law suite to recover some money, but only for US residents. Canadians get nothing. Screw you Sony, I’m done.

  • skrug

    Cheaper to import from the UK ~$904 inc shipping.

  • Andrew Holt

    Sony has lost their marbles. This thing was available from 3rd party sellers on Amazon for $850. They will be lucky to sell a dozen of them. If this is a trend that all cell phone makers are going to charge over a grand for a cell phone in Canada, then I guess my cell phone owning days are coming to an end.

  • neo905

    Well they can lock it back up and throw away the key then…

  • Andrew Holt

    This thing will be on sale for $599 by Christmas because I think Amazon will not even sell 20 of these phones, and will just end up clearing out the inventory.

  • Greg Miller

    There’s a company in the Greater Toronto area named Swiftronics that carries this device and it has the fingerprint reader as well. They have store in North York and Mississauga. In fact, if you are outside of the GTA you can order on their website with FREE SHIPPING! I bought mine and I was more than pleased. It was only $800! I would check them out if you are interested in purchasing this amazing phone!

  • Raj Singh

    Why would anyone buy this phone without the fingerprint scanner enabled? And 1,100 is too much. Lame rollout.

    • Lana-Lee Poirier

      Actually the finger print scanner works just fine.

    • Raj Singh

      International versions have the scanner enabled. The US version does not.

    • korbindallis

      Lena I have the Xperia XZ so thinking of upgrading to XZ premium but will wait for the next Xperia coming 2018

  • Sandy

    I’m super disappointed. Why would you want this phone when they announced the XZ1? So late to the party. It would’ve been better to skip the Premium and just bring in the XZ1..

    • skrug

      The XZ premium has the same spec as XZ1 with minor differences 5.5″ 4k vs 5.2 etc.

  • korbindallis

    The dual sim versions are cheaper I wonder why?

  • Grossly overpriced and far too late to the market.

  • jay

    Everything from the phone is amazing. Camera screen build quality and so. The price just don’t fit. I would say around 700$ and fingerprint scanner.

  • Lana-Lee Poirier

    You article has a few spelling mistakes.
    My Sony xz premium has finger print scanner working just perfect. 😊