Sony Xperia XZ Premium is coming to Canada unlocked in early September

Sony's shiny new phone is finally coming up north


  • Surveillance

    Bout time!

    • skrug

      Yea, they better price it competitively tho, or else importing it from the UK could be cheaper

    • rgl168

      Or get Nokia 8 (or 9 or whatever number they wanna call it)

  • silverfox007

    Well this have the disabled fingerprint reader?

    • Smanny

      Yes it’s in Canada. So all of the Xperia’s with finger print scanners worked in Canada.

  • Pudie

    Forgive the stupid question, but does that mean it won’t be availible on an carrier device plans?

    • Felix

      Correct. You must buy it outright.

  • James Arsenault

    I did contact Bell mobility about this phone and they told me they don’t know if they will be getting it

    • rgl168

      They are offering it unlocked at Amazon. If so you won’t see them at carrier stores.

  • rgl168

    I hope the fingerprint function is enabled for the Canadian version. (US version has it disabled.)

    • skrug

      Xperia Fingerprint sensor was always enabled in Canada.

    • rgl168

      Ever heard of the term “past performance is not an indicator of future results”? Looks like this is the case this time around.

    • skrug

      This time is different in that it’s selling from amazon instead of directly at carrier/sony stores (RIP).

    • Andrew Holt

      I’m curious…why was the fingerprint function disabled in the US?

    • Mo Dabbas

      It has something to do with some legal thing with the US government. Not sure what it is exactly, but it’s for legality reasons.

    • tazcubed

      It heard of 2 possibilites: 1) has something to do with Verizon or some other cell provider who wanted exclusivity with Sony for fingerprint and Sony did a bad job signing off for a long term commitment. 2) legal usage of fingerprint software.

    • rgl168

      There were articles about this on a few Android-related sites. Sony did not state the exact details but it hinted at some contractual or legal dispute, which means if Sony wants to do business in selling unlocked phones direct in the US, then fingerprint scanner is a no-no.

  • korbindallis

    I doubt finger print sensor will be enabled as the previous Z5 and Z5 premium did not have it enabled, that’s why Sony didn’t realise the XZ here, so I brought my XZ from UK and I have fingerprint sensor enabled and working good

    • Raj Singh

      Canadian Xperia phones have always had the fingerprint scanner enabled.

    • korbindallis

      well lets hope so and hope the price is worth it

    • rgl168

      MS updated the article: “the Xperia XZ Premium that is sold unlocked in Canada… won’t have the fingerprint sensor enabled.”

    • Raj Singh

      I was wrong.

  • Lucas Kitchen

    Didn’t Sony just announce the new version of this phone?

    • N00bicals

      We are an entire release cycle behind. That is how much they value us.

    • silverfox007

      No they didn’t, there will be no official announcement till IFA.

  • Stephen B Morris

    Great! I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t come here. If I don’t like the Pixel XL 2 then this will be my next phone.

    • keithzg

      It’s certainly one of the ones I’m eying up, as my daily life remains unamendable to the removal of the 3.5mm jack so the Pixel XL 2 would be an expensive step *backwards* in my daily life 🙁

  • MoYeung

    Amazon Canada only?

  • keithzg

    Alas, Sony’s ROMs are . . . not great. Hopefully LineageOS picks up this phone. (And hopefully the Canadian variant has Band 66 LTE.)

  • N00bicals

    What a waste, the XZ1 comes out shortly. Why not give us that instead? Don’t give us hand-me-downs, Sony!

    • silverfox007

      The xz1 is a refresh of the xz, not xz premium. Different screen size and no 4k…but you knew this already.

  • mike m

    4k is great but battery is so poor