Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will start rolling out October 17

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Microsoft has announced its Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will become available starting October 17th, providing the over 500 million devices running Windows 10 with a variety of updated and additional features.

In the announcement, the company’s executive vice-president of Windows and devices, Terry Myerson, highlighted a few of the updates specifically, including One Drive Files On-Demand, which lets users access their cloud-based files without downloading them and taking up storage on their device.

There’s also a Game Mode, which allows users to funnel the full processing power of the device towards their gaming application, simply by pressing a new button on the Game Bar.

Windows Mixed Reality, however, was a larger focus. The platform carries Microsoft’s VR/AR ambitions and will be fully-integrated in the new update. Myerson further announced that the MR headsets it’s producing with various hardware partners like Dell, HP and Asus, will become available alongside the Fall Creators Update.

In addition to Myerson’s announcements, the autumn update will bring Windows 10 closer to a new ‘Microsoft Fluent Design System,’ including new visual elements like blur and translucency effects.

Some of the features that were initially supposed to come with the Fall Creators Update have been delayed, however. Among them, a feature called ‘Timeline’ that provides a list of apps and workspaces that users were previously using on other devices in the Task View area. ‘Clipboard,’ a feature that allows for copying data between phones and PCs, also fails to make the cut for this update.

Source: Windows Blogs 

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