Google announces ARCore, an augmented reality successor to Tango


  • ciderrules

    Why isn’t this surprising?

    Google in panic mode after seeing developers flock to ARKit and do more in the last 2 months than Tango ever did in 3 full years.

    • thereasoner

      It’s not surprising because this is Tango minus the hardware requirements for depth perception/3D. ARCore was built from the work done in Tango and Tango apps are reportedly “easy” to convert so this is essentially Tango Lite. Google found through Tango that developers were far more interested in AR over a “flat surface” than over 3D because devices with 3D hardware are limited.

      The reason behind ARCore has no more to do with Apple than Googles decision to pursue AR in the first place years before Apple said “me too”. ARCore will simply reach more devices, up to 100 million of them, by the time the official version 1.0 arrives “this winter” and have a broader appeal to developers because it’s not confined to only a few devices like Tango was. That said, Google has said that they haven’t given up on the idea of hardware based AR like Tango and that they expect Tangos 3D features to eventually gain wider adoption once more devices with the necessary hardware are in circulation.

    • ciderrules

      Yet they announced an unfinished product with a basic demo that won’t even be available for months to come. All a mere 2 weeks before Apples next keynote.

      This is no different than Qualcomm letting the world know they have under-the-screen fingerprint readers or facial recognition in the works shortly after rumors of both features coming to the next iPhone. They don’t want to be seen as left behind.

      Oh, and Apple never said “me too”. Unlike Google, they don’t brag about upcoming products. They’ll sit on an idea for years until it’s ready before releasing it. Or do you think Apple whipped up ARKit in a few months just to try it out?

      Goog is being optimistic with that 100 million. By then ARKit will be on 500 million.

    • thereasoner

      Not “incomplete”;
      “Google is taking a second swing at augmented reality with a new SDK called “ARCore.” The SDK is available for download today (Google should have a blog post here) along with a set of ARCore demos. After experimenting with Project Tango, an AR initiative launched in 2014 that loaded a smartphone up with custom sensors, Google’s AR reboot brings most of that functionality to regular old Android phones through the magic of software.”
      It’s already available to developers hence today’s announcement.

      You can speculate all you want with regards to when Apple decided to get on board with AR or how accurate Google is with their 100 million devices claim but that’s just your fanboy speaking. Facts are that Google laid the groundwork in both VR and AR and there would be no Apple equivalent without Google doing it first.

    • Mr Dog

      Comon, this statement is just as much your innter fanboy speaking as what he said.

      “Facts are that Google laid the groundwork in both VR and AR and there
      would be no Apple equivalent without Google doing it first.”

    • thereasoner

      Well it was Google who proved it could be done on mobile devices NOT Apple. It doesn’t take a fanboy to acknowledge the facts, they are what they are.

      I suppose one could say that my statement about Apple not doing AR without the ground work Google did first could be seen as speculation. That said, atleast it’s supported by history that has seen Apple consistantly only adopting new mobile tech/features only after others did the development work first with few exceptions.

    • John Lofwire

      Ah the apple troll is still sprouting nonsense i see lol.

    • thereasoner

      As usual.

    • ciderrules

      Hey, I thought you blocked me? back for more punishment?

    • Rev0lver

      Try and stay on topic good sir.

    • ciderrules

      It’s a “preview” for developers to play around with. Sort of like ARKit from 2 months ago. Did you even read the press release?

    • Smanny

      Ciderrules at his crap again. Tango can do proper measurements in low lighting conditions with little to no reference objects. Apple ARkit is not accurate by any means, especially with only one camera. Tango has an IR camera, a depth sensing camera, and a regular camera, as well as a regular camera. How accurate is Apples ARKit compared to Tango. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Apple’s ARKit isn’t going to be very accurate. But in your case ciderrules you think Apple’s ARKit is roughly the same. When in reality it’s not. It can be useful for playing around, sure but no one is going to use Apples ARKit for any serious measurements or any type of accuracy. Tango can be used. Apple’s ARKit cannot be used, unless you have hardware to help out.

    • Domino67

      Cough “Apple watch” cough or cough “air pods” cough

  • ciderrules

    So the Apple haters have been saying for a couple years that processor performance doesn’t matter as long as your device runs your Apps ok (after Apple shocked the world with the first 64bit ARM processor and left everyone behind in processor technology).

    AR is something that requires power. A lot of it. Which is why Apple specifies A9 and up devices and Google also requires new devices with high-end processors.

    So what do the hypocrites have to say now? Is processor performance important or not?

    • Rev0lver

      “after Apple shocked the world with the first 64bit ARM processor and left everyone behind in processor technology”

      That’s a slightly exaggerated statement good sir.