Canadian SNES Classic pre-orders are now sold out in Canada [Update]


  • dave

    Got one!

  • Arvin Zohrabian


  • stevedion

    Not available in Quebec??!! That is such BS!

    • William Cressman Sywyk

      I wish Quebec was treated equally, they are always shafted. Canada’s supposed to be equal.

    • SkAshe

      I’m probably sure it’s because of one of our stupid law again

    • Carl Charest

      Yup, not Bestbuy fault our laws are dumb.

    • JoMore

      It’s Québec’s stupid laws about not allowing English only anything in the province and this console is English only.
      Loi 101 has created additional requirements for products sold in the province of Quebec.. French must be included on all forms of labels and communication. Games that require the use of non-French vocabulary are prohibited, unless they offer French as an option.

    • bigshynepo

      Quebec created laws that are different than the rest of Canada so retailers are treating them different than the rest of Canada. This isn’t the first time, quite often Quebec is the exception to the rule.
      From what I read, there are two games without french options on the Mini SNES, which is why is it not permitted for sale in Quebec (until we hear it officially, that’s just speculation I read elsewhere).

    • Captain Pokemon

      It must be the Quebec Law, just drive to Ottawa and get one!

  • Ricky Bobby

    And they’re all gone. Managed to get one though

  • Bok Choy

    5 minutes is all it took. Sold out in 5 minutes.

    • pizzabox

      I think it sold out in <2 minutes.

  • Robert Hillier

    Got one, I think. I have an order number but no email yet

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Same. The order number is somewhat comforting, but I’ll believe it once I see an email.

    • The order details are now showing on the Best Buy site! So we should be good!

    • Aaron Hoyland

      Phew. Much more reassuring. Thanks for the heads-up. I just got the email as well.

    • Me too! 🙂

    • Same here! I won’t relax until I get an email but so far seems like I’m one of the lucky few to have gotten one! 🙂

    • The order details are now showing on the Best Buy site.

  • Aaron Hoyland

    Got one at 10:02 MDT, coworker had them run out of stock while she was checking out at 10:04 MDT. Unreal.

    • Phantom

      Yep same. As I was entering my credit card info, it was gone.

    • Aidolon

      Got one at 13:02:57 EDT. Nearly missed the boat due to the site getting hung up on the “Verified by Visa” nonsense. Was able to go back and switch to PayPal, but looks like it made it by the skin of my teeth. Lucky break.

  • canucks4life

    What a joke

  • Cory Crete

    Boycott Nintendo: that’s all you need to do. Consumers need to stand up to them and not put up with this crap every time they release a significant # of units without clarifying what that number is. There’s no reason why they couldn’t meet the demand for NES classic, and now they did it again!

    • JD Santos

      im sure that’ll work out well

    • GoodBytes

      Its his plan so that he find them in stores easily and buys it.

  • Adam Leavitt

    Best Buy said it was unable to ship to my address. I had already entered my CC and shipping address. I had it in check out, ready to go and then it kept sending me multiple error messages refusing to send to me. Terrible. Hopefully Amazon will have stock soon.

  • Michael

    Aliexpress here I come!! Would have been nice to get one of these.

  • Ellis C

    I missed the online release, called the nearby EB games for a hail mary throw and see if they had any in person preorder units available and they did. This was around 2pm so maybe try giving the nearby stores a call and see if you have any luck that way. Good luck everyone

  • pizzabox

    I suggest following Best Buy Gamer Club @BBYC_GamersClub then enable Twitter notifications


    I suggest boycotting nintendo altogether. Greedy pigs out there that buy for profit, tried to buy one for my family and even before attempting they were all sold out. This worlds a joke. Smh human race. Hope these greedy buggers have karma hit them back 2 fold.

    • jplunks

      How are Nintendo greedy pigs?


      i never said Nintendo is the greedy pig, that was just misread on your part. I said simply boycott nintendo and people out there are greedy pigs who purchase for profit and ruin it for others. I would never purchase for the hopes in making a buck.

    • jplunks

      Sorry, my mistake. With that then i 100% completely agree with you.

      Companies like Jordan shoes, Apple iPhone are known for this BS way of doing it. I was disappointed in the NES mess

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Nintendo is a joke

  • njevans

    technically Amazon Canada hasn’t done their preorders yet. Assuming they do (as the US did) then there is still a shot in Canada to secure a preorder.