Freedom’s limited-time MyTab bonuses reduce upfront prices on LTE phones

The Freedom promo train shows no signs of stopping


  • specialk2000

    Hi Rose, there is a paragraph in your article that needs some clarification.

    “While a strong upfront discount, the carrier notes in the fine print that the amount of the discount will be added to the customer’s MyTab — so you will eventually pay the same amount.”

    This is incorrect with the bonus, only when there is no promos. In the case of the V20, you actually do save $590 if you go the full 2 years.

    For example with the $15 MyTab Boost, you are paying $360 over 2 years plus $50 upfront. You are only paying $410 for the phone overall, you are not “eventually paying the same amount”. Only if you cancel before 24 months do you save less than the $590, but you still save something.

    • Rose

      Thanks for the note! Clarifying.

    • specialk2000

      Anytime Rose, keep up the great work, all you guys are awesome!

    • Rose

      Appreciate the kind words! Thank you for reading 😀

  • Do Do

    I had to use Freedom today, all day. It was incredibly horrible and has NOT improved at all in the gta from a couple of years ago.

  • Michel Roy

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