Nintendo officially reveals the $99 SNES Classic

SNES Classic


  • Ben

    Switch owners shake their heads and mumble where is my virtual console Nintendo….

  • Marco Bairos

    No Chrono Trigger? I will pass

    • Joseph

      That was my exact thoughts as well

  • AMB_07

    for the price, just build your own with a raspberry pi.

    • Word

      Sure, except the money you’re investing in this is easily reclaimed with a re-sale and judging by the NES I’d say anyone who invests in one is set to make a profit if they decide to sell it later.

    • zanzee

      I think it’ll turn out like the wii u, tons of scalpers because of the Wii shortage. Then Nintendo released the WII U in enough quantities that it was a non issue. So maybe for the first week or two it’ll be a scalper’s dream but after that the parasites will be sad.

  • Jason

    Worth it just for Star Fox 2

  • Sandro

    Are they going to make a realistic quantity this time!?

    • Balls

      If there’s anything I know, it’s that Nintendo is a well-run company that will do its best to make sure we have these in our living rooms……

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    As cool as this is, I question whether I really should bother if I still have an original SNES hooked up and working with most of these games… though Starfox 2 does sound quite interesting.

    • gommer strike

      I wouldn’t bother if you have the original. There has been a comparison done on the NES vs the NES classic. The emulation on the NES Classic isn’t perfect. There are indeed some differences that pop up in the form of graphical anomalies here and there. Most people won’t notice them but the purists will. I fully expect the SNES Classic to have some of these little differences as well.

  • JD

    How is KI not on this?

    • JN

      Killer Instinct was made by Rare. which ended up being bought by Microsoft. I’m sure that would be a licensing nightmare.

    • JD

      Right totally forgot about that. The nostalgia got the better of me.

    • TheTechSmith

      Donkey Kong Country is also Rare. Too bad DKC2 isn’t there – it was much better.

    • villain

      Killer instinct IP went with rare in the sale to MS unlike Donkey Kong. Microsoft owns killer instinct.

    • TheTechSmith


  • RoTaToR

    “Turtles in Time” please

  • Fodder0f4


  • awhite2600

    Another item from Nintendo that is destined to be in short supply.

    People forget that Nintendo has been playing this game since the ’80s. Back then, retailers used to blow the whistle on competitors that broke Nentendo’s rules. They’d then beg Nintendo for the other retailers allocation of an item in short supply.

    Nintendo seems to be able to put games (software) into stores but all too often has shortages of the hot console. I’ll stick to my Raspberry Pi. It’s a shame, because I’d rather own these consoles legally.

  • Jon Duke

    If they make a mini n64, I will cry. I want!

  • gommer strike

    What does a scalper say to another?

    “How do you do?”
    “How do *you* do?”

    Just kidding. They’re too busy stockpiling on always-short-supply Nintendo consoles and throwing them up on Craigslist. They don’t have time for pleasantries, tea and crumpets.

    • Ernie

      Hey. If you’re looking for a NES classic. I got one. Selling for $350 LMAO.

    • gommer strike

      I’ve got enough NES ROMs that I could load up on a PS Vita emulator, but the thought is appreciated.

  • Nooooooooooo….. why go with Street Fighter II Turbo instead of SUPER Street Fighter II !?!
    That one is soooo much better! 🙁 Combos, graphics, the 4 new challengers… #sadpanda

    • gommer strike

      SSF2 is considered by the fighting game community to be an incomplete game. There are no supers, rebalancing, additional normals and so on which are present in ST(Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – otherwise known in Japan as Grand Master Challenge).

      SF2T is faster and remains a very good game, possibly the best SF2 game for the SNES. If you want SSF2T, I recommend downloading Fightcade to your PC/Mac and the SSF2 ROM. You would then be playing the actual arcade version.

    • Thanks for the post and sharing that insight.

  • vbhatt08

    This is probably a dumb question but anyone know if the EU version would work here in Canada?

    I dont know much about NTSC and PAL, and I preordered the EU version.

    • gommer strike

      All depends on the output. If it support HDMI then you’re fine.

  • Stephen B Morris

    I really don’t need this. But I SO want this! Chances are that I won’t be able to get it just like the NES one.

  • Alistair Brogan

    These kind of products really produce conversation. I told everyone I wanted Donkey Kong 2, and Chrono Trigger also. I guess I’m already thinking of buying it despite myself. Make the n64 mini faster with 30fps graphics and I’m sold!

  • heynow00

    Why not add a few more games?

    With that said, there is not 1 bad game on that list.

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