Virgin, Fido, Koodo and Vidéotron compete on 6GB and 8GB promo plans in Quebec


  • Guillaume Simard

    *Only for new customers

  • Surveillance

    Meanwhile, in Ontario…….

    • Poodz

      Seriously. How is this not direct evidence of the collusion? Prices from same company are lower in provinces with real competition.

    • Surveillance

      We keep voting in Liberals. The telcos know we are used to overpaying for everything and not bothering to do anything about it

    • Omis

      Harper was a liberal?

    • Surveillance

      I was referring to McGuinty/Wynne

    • Omis

      Yet Quebec is run by liberals and they have cheap prices. Alberta is run by conservatives and they have expensive phone plans. But Manitoba is also run by conservatives and they have cheap prices. It’s almost as if the provincial party in power has no bearing on wireless plan prices.

    • Surveillance

      Yes I realize that I was only kidding. I’m just a guy in Ontario sick of overpaying for EVERYTHING

    • Omis

      I think it’ll change soon with Shaw/Freedom. They are already starting price wars with the flanker brands. That’s why as much as I don’t like freedom, I hope they do well. It’s better for all of us in the long run.

    • Andrew Holt

      Alberta is run by the most left-wing you can get…NDP.

  • Alanalan11

    Does anyone know if Ottawa is included in these promotions? It seems that the big 3 are ignoring the fact that Videotron’s offer includes Ottawa. I tried to get Bell to match the offer but I wasn’t successful. I think I’m just going to switch over to Videotron (Bell doesn’t seem to mind as I am on a grandfathered 6GB plan)

    • Eric M.

      You can get a Hull number with the deals it will be local anyway

    • Alanalan11

      I guess u should have mentioned I’d like to keep my Ottawa (613) number

    • alexb88

      You can get Videotron in Ottawa at these prices with a 613 number, but not with the others.

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      Do it. I live in Ottawa and ported in my 613 number to videotron three months ago. Service is great and the network is fast. I got a 5 gig double your data plan (so 10 gigs) for 48.95 No regrets.

    • Alanalan11

      What part of the city do you live in? Do you have any issues in Gatineau Park or in Toronto?

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      I live in Orleans and work downtown. No problems at all. I haven’t ventured with it far yet but I was in Cornwall this weekend and “roamed” on Rogers without issue. Roaming on Rogers (for free) when outside the Videotron zone, Canada-wide is included.

    • John Lofwire

      With limitation Brett.
      Go read the small characters..

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      Lol…I did…don’t worry. The deal is so good I was looking for “the catch”. The only real limitation is that you’ll have a problem if you roam in belltelus for more than 50% of the time for three months in a row. As long as you’re always on Rogers or videotron…no issues.

    • John Lofwire

      Good its nice to see customers thats really look at them.

      As long as you dont do too much rural usages you be fine videotron and rogers will cover you correctly (slow data sometime but call will be good)

      How’s koodo pricing where you live? They pretty good in Quebec.

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      Koodo is just as bad as everyone else in Ottawa. I’m really happy…I switched the entire family. After rebates and discounts the kids have 6 gig plans for $33.95. It’s crazy.

    • Alanalan11

      That’s insane. It’s very tempting to jump ship but I’d be really annoyed if I gave up my grandfathered plan with Bell only to find Videotron to be unsatisfactory. I may just sign up for a new line and test it out for a bit then port my Bell number afterwards if they allow that.

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      I had the same apprehension as I had a pretty good grandfathered plan with Rogers before. My wife was even more worried than I was but everything has worked out great. No hiccups or downsides at all so far.

    • Zach Gilbert

      You can port your number at any time.

    • bloodless

      Hi Brett,
      1. How can you control how/when you roam on Bell/TELUS ?
      2. Can you keep your existing 613 number (ie, port your number over as-is) – or are you forced to get an 819 area code number ?

    • Brett Ross-Jensen

      1 – no you can control this. You stick to videotron and when you go out of their zone you switch to Rogers. It’s seamless. If you then travel out of a Rogers zone you would switch to belltelus. That’s an assumption though as Rogers seems to be pretty much everywhere I go.

      2-yes, I ported in my 613 number as did 4 other members of the family.

    • ES

      Why is keeping a (613) number an issue? Long distance isn’t a thing anymore.

    • Alanalan11

      Because I have had my cell number for over 12 years and don’t want to change it.

    • ES

      That’s a very strange attachment to have. Sounds like you’re over 50. You can port your phone number for free but change the area code.

    • Alanalan11

      Haha I’m 27. I don’t think it’s a strange attachment to have, everyone I know has my number, it’s registered with every service and account that I use. Plus I don’t want a 819 number it’s as simple as that.

    • John Lofwire

      Videotron client service is amazing ( i have internet and cable at home from them )

      But the cellphone network is bad… when they use others network tower they are limited in speed and priority.

      They also advise you thats if you do not do the majority of your usage on videotron network you will have problems..

      So no thanks..

  • Jim__R

    Regionally directed plans, like these, from national carriers should be disallowed. If the carriers can afford to offer these plans in Quebec, then they can afford to offer them nationwide.

    • John Lofwire

      Okay so you should pay the same price for an house in a rich neighbourhood than in a poor one right?

      World wide minimum salary should also be the same so no country become sweat shop place.

      Sorry today world is based on capitalist.
      And they give price based on what the market offer at those place.

      Hey i would be the first guy to be happy if we would completely stop the capitalist system and hell why not have a system like the federation in star trek have.

      But sadly those utopia cannot apply to reality.

    • Jim__R

      People buy homes in a free market. We do not purchase cell plans in a true free market due to the existence of an oligopoly in that particular domain. Applying some measure of regulation to attempt to improve the imbalance of power that exists in oligopoly situations is a reasonable course of action.

    • John Lofwire

      Sorry but you are wrong.

      Cellphone industry is open to any contender ready to build up a network.

      Hell they can even just open up in province thats dont have smaller player and give crazy price.

      Nothing stop a new videotron to appear in each province beside the cost to build up the new network. A 0% interest loan from the governement is all thats is needed

    • Jim__R

      It isn’t as easy as that. The significant initial financial commitment it takes to get into a capital intensive industry, such as the cell industry, creates a high barrier to entry and thus has a depressing effect on the number of competitors – hence oligopoly.

      At any rate, can you direct me to a government website that discusses these 0% loans that can be obtained to fund a brand new multi-billion dollar cell network? I’m unaware of such a program.

    • John Lofwire

      Its called loan guarantees from the governement search the term up. Sometime they will also directly invest billion to become partners. You never watch the news?

      If the governement want thing to move thats the road to go.

    • Jim__R

      I do watch (and read) the news. And I can’t think of any federal government program that will loan billions of dollars at 0% interest to a startup. [Bombardier’s sweetheart federal and Quebec loans are a different animal altogether] Again, please direct me to a government website if that exists, as googling “loan guarantees from the government” shows nothing useful.

    • John Lofwire

      Many smaller player like videotron could ask for similar loan I never spoke of a start up.

      Sadly when I post a link here my reply never allowed so sorry you gonna have to search harder.

    • DrCarpy

      You’re wrong. These Corporations all receive some form of Corporate welfare from Governments at all levels.

    • John Lofwire

      And that’s how new entrant or provincial current one need same thing.

      I am all for new nation wide entrant with a brand new network thats would have the help of the governement.

    • john smith

      nonsense.. data is not the same as real estate

    • John Lofwire

      Then lets talk any electronics.
      Why a tv I buy in canada cost more before tax than in the usa? (Even after taking into account money exchange rate)

      Its because all product price no matter the type are based on market averages.

      There the similarity with real estate come from.

      We go with the market price of each region as well as average income of the ppl in those region.

      In France cheese and wine cost nothing compared to here.
      Same for cellphone internet ect.

      But housing cost easy twice more.

      Many ppl often choose a region they know they gonna be able to pay for. So if you like Quebec
      Cellphone price move there 🙂

    • John Lofwire

      A market is a market just like business are made up of specific component same are market.

      You obviously dont own a business nor have worked as a CPA for a business.

      I recommend to go read on how price are fixed in a market as well as what affect a market pricing directly its should inform you.

    • Jim__R

      There’s a major difference between a market with perfect competition in which a firm’s control over price is nil, and a market with imperfect competition in which a firm has some degree of control over price. The real estate market falls into the former, the cell industry falls into the latter. So, comparing competition in the real estate market to competition in cell plans is rather akin to comparing apples to oranges.

    • John Lofwire

      Again your thinking is too narrow.

      If the single major entity control price why smaller entity beat it at its own game at provincial level?

      What stop them to do the same country wide level? Money!

      If the governement help them like they did with current major player what will happen?

      More network more tower and in the end better service for all.

      In any market when there is too few players you need to make more player. What you sugested and started this argument is price making rule to have same price nation wide well dream on thats cannot happen in a capitalist world.

      Making more players and by the same forcing price war is the way to go.

      Thats need a new network and I see at least 3 small player like videotron thats could use thats.

    • fred

      In theory carriers could be investing less in Quebec, choosing to offer crappier coverage for less money.
      But we all know this has nothing to do with coverage and everything to do with the fact that the big 3 fear Videotron.

    • DrCarpy

      Exactly. This in itself shows the perpetual plan gerrymandering that systemically effects customers in a profoundly negative way.

    • Kevin D.

      The cost of living is not the same across Canada and therefore, the prices for services vary.

    • Techguru86

      This is exactly why we need Freedom to thrive, prices like this should be allowed all over Canada, the big 3 can afford it. With the 700/2500 mhz we might just start seeing more competition across Canada, there won’t be excuses much longer

  • Ghenosis

    Happy with my $49 Quebec plan in BC. Thank you Koodo.

  • Kevin D.

    Koodo ends it’s offer on July 4th because Videotron has to stop it’s unlimited music service by August 4th and by law they have to let their customers know of any contract change 30 days before which is coincidentally July 4th lol