Here are all of Google Home’s Canadian Easter eggs


  • Dmitry Gudkov

    Google Home just started supporting multiple user accounts in Canada. Got an update a few hours ago.

    • Domino67


    • Alanina

      Did you mean the Google Home app got updated or the software on the device itself?

    • Mark Driedger

      Multiple users is working on my Google Home that I just unboxed last night. Funny, that most of the easter eggs listed in this article dont work for me. My guess is that the language/region settings on my android device with Home App installed is set for English / United States

    • It’s not about the device that has the Home app it’s the setting within that app itself. In the app, click the Settings “Hamburger” then “More Settings” then select your Google Home from the device list & change the “Assistant Language” to English (Canada).

      Source: I just noticed the same problem cuz I had my Google Home Assistant Language set to English (US) & the Easter eggs didn’t work until I switched the language. Did not change my phone’s language settings.

  • Juan R

    I bought mine from the US on Black Friday. These Easter eggs don’t work for me. Still no multi user support either