Snapchat video of Essential Phone in action appears online


  • Rattrap

    Happy there is a straight black bar on the top. That teardrop lens cutout is so distracting.

    • thereasoner

      Teardrop? That’s nothing. Did you see the massive cutout for Apple’s new phone?

    • ciderrules

      The Essential one is worse. It looks like someone took a hole punch and carved a chunk out from the display. It’s like an afterthought. The iPhone shows smooth flowing lines where the cutout (which is for a camera, speaker and sensors) and actual screen flow together.

      I also hope this version of the Essential was a prototype, because, damn, that camera cutout with the white outline (same color as the phone) looks horrible. The photos on their website don’t show this and depict the front screen as being all black. It will be a massive design fail if the shipping phone looks like the one in this video.

    • thereasoner

      The opposite is true imo. How it looks is subjective and those who don’t want it to stand out have the option to go black.

      The Essential Phone design leaves a ton of more space in the notification area, the iPhones design choice does not and not only is that lack of functionality not a subjective thing there is no option for iPhone users to get around that.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Feels snappier