Bell offers comment on involvement in anti-piracy alliance


  • Xanth

    Bell probably feels like this is their best bet to keep cable subscribers. Nothing Bell does it for the good of the customer, they only do what they do to pad their profit margin.

    • Andrew Holt

      The fundamental flaw in capitalism as of late is now companies have to care more about the stockholders and less about their customers. The stock market should be abolished.

    • That isn’t a flaw. That is how it was designed to be.

    • Rev0lver

      Bell doesn’t compete in a capitalistic market, it’s highly regulated with a sprinkle of collusion. Bell would be bankrupt in a year if they were forced to compete in an open market.

    • Do Do

      “sprinkle of collusion”

      a lot more than a sprinkle I’d say, in fact, the government has admitted as much and have done nothing about it.

    • David Markx

      Please don’t tell me you keep all your money in a freaking savings account where it erodes year over year due to inflation. The market was booming last year with my TFSA bringing in 21% on a mix of medium to low risk investments.

    • Troublemaker


  • They doubled down on a lot of media, so this is only natural. They are trying to protect their investment

  • Jason

    So what can they do that they haven’t been doing already? I mean I think the only thing they can do is log everything you do but I’m pretty sure there’s a law against that.