Here’s our best look at the Galaxy S8 yet


  • gremlin0007

    Besides the phone having a smaller bezel, I don’t see ANY reason to upgrade from an s7 Edge, especially once Nougat reaches our devices…

    • Dimitri

      That is true but the S7 edge doesn’t have the new chipset, iris scanner, newer design without the home button and captive buttons, and most likely a bigger battery ( that hasn’t been confirmed yet). Also the new S8 + has a bigger screen then the S7 edge.

      So it might not be a HUGE upgrade but it is a upgrade.

    • Techguru86

      All phones nowadays are fast, and not everyone cares for an iris scanner, it’s just a minor upgrade from the S7, both are great devices.

    • Dimitri

      That’s true but some want a newer device. Remember this will be a good device to the ones that had the Note 7 before hand.

    • Victor Creed

      Those on the Note 7 would be better to wait for the Note 8. The true Samsung flagship

    • Dimitri

      That is true!

    • gremlin0007

      That’s what I’m doing! Gonna skip this one for sure.

    • Yearoftherat

      Nice features with I’m sure a nice price
      No matter what new features come out year to year, I’m sure most people can’t afford to upgrade every year.
      I definitely want to upgrade. And since I’m not on a contract, my credit card is going to take a

    • Dimitri

      I am selling my iPhone 7 Plus so thst money will be saved and go towards the S8 Plus. Lol

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Let’s not forget the base storage starts at 64 and not 32

  • Dimitri

    You might want to remove the main image to the image that was leaked. Anyone looking at the main image may think that’s the device when it’s not :).

    • AJ

      They need to make a policy change on this, not to use these generic images when the article is about a picture/video or if its related to something unreleased.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Indeed, I spent 10 seconds on that image just to realize it was the S7

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Samsung >>> Take my money!!

  • Garrett Cooper

    All depends on the price. Assuming it’ll start at $399 on a 2yr. Not sure I want it THAT much.

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