Videotron adds Apple Music to its Unlimited Music service

Videotron has just added another major music streaming platform to its controversial Unlimited Music service.

The carrier announced today that Apple Music is joining Spotify, Google Play Music, Stingray Music, Bandcamp, Tidal, Napster and several other applications on its Unlimited Music service, which allows customers to stream music without using any of their monthly data allotment. In total, the service, which is free to all subscribers on a premium mobile plan, now boasts 17 different apps.

“Unlimited Music reflects Videotron’s desire to offer the most innovative mobile service there is,” said Bertrand Hébert, vice president of marketing at Videotron in a statement.

“ The addition of Apple Music to the catalogue of supported streaming apps demonstrates the growing interest in Unlimited Music among both consumers and the industry. Unlimited Music, the first service of its kind in Canada, gives music-lovers a new way to listen to their favourite music, anywhere, anytime.”

Unlimited Music was launched in September 2015 and recently came under fire as the subject of a Canada Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) hearing that began October 31st, 2016. While no solid conclusions came from the hearing, it gave various influential stakeholders in Canada’s wireless industry — such as Rogers, Bell and Telus — a chance to express their opinions on the subject of what is known as differential pricing.

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