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Snapchat exploring how image recognition and AR could be used to serve ads

The next time someone sends you a snap of a pair of white Vans, you may also get a series of related filters, ads and coupons.

At least that’s the type of functionality Snapchat could add to its popular messaging app with the help of advance image recognition, according to a recent patent filling unearthed by Business Insider.

In the filing, dated to January 2015, the company details how new software it has conceptualized could generate and serve things like filters based on the content of user captured images. In one part of the filing, for instance, the company shows how taking a shot of the Empire State Building in New York City could trigger its software to generate an image of King Kong for users to add to their photo.

In the same document, Snapchat goes on to show how this tech could be used to generate new revenue. For instance, one image shows how the software could generate a coupon when a user snaps a photo of a coffee cup. Snapchat even details a system for companies to bid against objects, allowing the highest bidder a way to ensure their content and ads appear anytime a user snaps something related to its brand.

In short, we will soon look back fondly when all augmented reality meant was a bunch of cute Pokemon showing up on our smartphone screens.

As with all patent filings, it’s important to keep in mind Snapchat may not release a product or feature that takes advantage of what’s detailed above.

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