Google reportedly still working on standalone headset that mixes AR and VR

While Google’s plans for an Oculus Rift competitor never materialized, it looks like the tech giant is still working on a high-end standalone headset of some sort — specifically one that mixes augmented reality and virtual reality.

According to reports stemming from Engadget, Google is moving forward with the development of a standalone headset that does not require the use of a mobile phone, unlike its Daydream Android VR-certification program. The planned headset also won’t need to be tethered to a high-end PC like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Futhermore, the original VR device Google was working on was designed to compete directly with the Rift and Vive, but the project has since pivoted directions, reports Recode. The company has also provided funding to Florida-based mixed-reality company Magic Leap, though the much talked about startup has yet to reveal exactly what it’s working on.

With the recent skyrocketing popularity of Niantic-developed augmented reality title Pokémon Go, it makes sense for Google to have ambitions to move into the space now that the tech has been proven to have widespread appeal.

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