LCBO plans to create online store that delivers booze right to your home


  • It’s about time the government actually realizes this is convenience that people will pay for and can help balance the budget in this deficit they are going to run! Why does it take running a deficit to realize how to make money?

    • creates a sense of urgency

    • That is true, so many good money making ideas the government could use to turn a profit each year but balanced budget is okay I guess, don’t want extra money we only want just enough 🙂

    • Garrett Cooper

      Legalize weed, being saying it for years. The tax revenue that would be created would be massive.

    • It cant be worse then alcohol!

    • karen

      it will never balance the budget, especially with the amount of debt we have in this province. we are doomed

    • we make more we spend more, but that makes for a better country the more we spend responsibly 🙂

  • LeTricolore

    Hopefully the SAQ does this too.

    • marshallpower

      They already do, I had some rare tequila delivered to my home like 2 years ago…you can even send them to another adress as a gift.

  • This and the lower income school tuition credits are some of the great things I hope to hear more of from the Liberal government

    • karen

      it just wants everyone to get drunk and high to be distracted of how many billions we owe to private banks so their friends can get richer

    • Sounds like you voted conservative.

      I don’t remember that part of the article but I will be sure to re-read it and look for which of their “friends” will be benefiting from this.

  • So remember all that talk of the LCBO selling weed in the future…. 😉

  • Allan

    Liberals are desperate for your money.

  • Mike Scott

    you cant buy a 12 pack in Ontario???

    • Tony

      Due to the backdoor dealings with The Beer Store and LCBO, they have all these anti-competitive deals that state that the LCBO will sell nothing larger than a 6 pack and sell it for more expensive than The Beer Store.

      The only exception is in a remote areas where there are no Beer Store’s, then the LCBO can sell larger cases of beer….until a Beer Store decides to open up close by then the LCBO must stop.

      It’s a blatant case of backdoor dealings and screwing customers. The situation got leaked a while ago by the Toronto Star detailing all the crookedness that was happening.

    • Mike Scott

      Wow.. I never knew. Thanks! We pay more here for liquor on Alberta but it’s deregulated and there’s a liquor store every few blocks.. Each with their own prices… One week you’ll pay 32 for a 12 of Heineken the next down the road it’s 26… However each also have their own imported stuff every store really us a little different

    • EN Donnelly

      your Costco liquor prices & selection are excellent. The LCBO does a great job, but would like to see Costco selling in Ontario too.

    • mobilesugar

      Most canadian big breweries were started in Montreal. QC gov had to fix a minimum on the price. you can buy a 30-pack at the grocery store, mart or even cornerstore. SAQ sell only liquors and biggest selection of wine. We usually drink more than ROC.

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  • Christine Kringle

    Mary Jane’s Primo Hemp Vodka AND Mary Jane’s Premium Hemp Gin coming to LCBO Ecommerce. Woot! Woot!

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