Latest OnePlus X update addresses image corruption issues


  • nancoo

    I have a bigger problem with the onex. So I’m charging my phone at 50%, listening to my music, when all of a sudden the phone shuts down and every since my phone will not turn on. Tried holding power and volume buttons at the same time for 20 Seconds or so and still nothing. I have a nice black glass piece of brick.

    • gommer strike

      Can you try holding down the power button and home together? Wonder if it needs a hardware reset of some kind.

    • nancoo

      Will try to do that when I get home tonite. Too bad, this phone has an awesome design, perfect size for me, good storage capability and this phone is about 6 month old. Damn! Lol.

    • deltatux

      Sounds like a potential overheating issue where the phone believes that it is overheating so it stays shut down. I normally don’t suggest people to use their devices during charges for this reason.

      If you really still want to use your device while charging, make sure to check that there are no background processes that are putting on load on the CPU while it’s charging to prevent this if the phone is indeed overheating.

      Phones usually become warm due to charging.

    • nancoo

      Well my phone is completely cool now, for days actually, tried numerous times to charge it again and unfortunately my phone remains dead.

    • Tony Chau

      That’s unfortunate. Hopefully their RMA support and process has improved when I had to send in my OPO back in October 2014.

  • jay

    did you pay shipping or fee?