Pebble Time smartwatch is $100 off at Best Buy right now


  • Rumble and Sway

    Basically about all its worth. The $250 price tag is a little outrageous considering the limitations of the watch. Also, I guess sales are sagging so they need some shot in the arm to get people interested.

    • hardy83

      Perhaps BestBuy is just trying to get rid of that version as it probably, like you said, sells the worst due to it’s poor look.
      Possibly a replacement model is coming soon? Maybe the Time Steel will be the new base model with a price drop.

    • Vito R.

      These are relatively new. Poor sales is the problem.

  • HiKsFiles


    I’ll stop by on my way back to work after lunch just to check them out.

  • Munir

    1. They look like 2 year old kid’s toy watch
    2. Look at the bezel! Can’t believe they released this ugly and not ready product.
    3. I saw an executive with that watch on hand. I laughed to death lol. His suited get up was ruined.
    4. The only age group that can pull this off is 8-16. That’s it.

    • Max Fireman

      What a stupid, useless post. Go on toys r us to rant about toys.

    • Rumble and Sway

      He’s right it’s a fugly watch with useless ugly apps that are very limited in what they can do. Also the use of buttons to navigate is retro and makes it more difficult to use all around.
      Fundamentally it is a toy. Not a device a serious person would be caught wearing casually or professionally

  • Ipse

    The e-ink display is a great idea but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Pebble desperately needs a good designer.

    • Rumble and Sway

      Surprised the company is still in business actually. They have no idea how to design watches that are remotely appealing by any definition of the word

  • Matt

    $149 still way overpriced. Not a real smartwatch. A true smartwatch just be able to use independently from a cellphone with its own Sim card. And it’s own app store and should be able to download all the apps you want on its own without needing to sync to a phone. The Gear S was pretty good. But would of made it better is being on android os and had Google play directly on the watch to be able to use watch independently

    • hoo dat

      So by your own definition the Gear S wasn’t a ‘true’ smartwatch, either.

    • Vito R.


      Why would anyone need the expense/bulk/poor battery life of a watch with a sim when everyone has a smartphone?

      The market has already spoken – nobody wants your definition of a “real” smartwatch.

  • hardy83

    Tempting but I wish it was the Pebble Time Steel that was $150. I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat at that price.

    • dc2000

      Exactly! I see more value in the Steel edition, $299 is too much. $150 for the Steel and I’d buy it, make it $200 with the steel band and you got a purchase. But $299 + the cost of the steel band(which I’d imagine is probably $100?).. that’s too much…

    • hardy83

      Yeah, even at $200 I’d find the Time Steel temping, but $249 (the sales it usually gets) and $299 is too much.
      Though I’m aware that our dollar is partly to blame.

  • Phil – it – up

    I owned one for a couple days. The light had to be perfect to read it and the apps are terrible in their store. I returned it for the Asus zenwatch 2 and put a black steel band on from Amazon and I couldn’t be happier. Looks great and does everything and more.

  • dc2000

    I’ve wanted the Pebble Time Steel for ages, and it’s never on sale. I’ll skip on this even though it’s tempting. I’d pay $199 for a Pebble Time Steel, but $299 is a bit much. Mhmm, decisions decisions…

    • I saw the Pebble Time Steel go down to $249 at Best Buy on Boxing Day but there could be a price drop by the end of this year