$1,125 listing for PlayStation VR shows up on Amazon Canada


  • KomKast Kares

    1125 Canadian is like $10 USD, right?

    So $799 USD – not gonna happen, cuz if it does, not enough will buy it.

  • Gybook

    Classic Sony, still think they are in the 90s with their top dog status, charging premium, really bad customer service, and they wonder why they are failing as a compnay

    • bigshynepo

      Classic internet users, falling for click-bait headlines without even double-checking the evidence for themselves.

    • MaximMillion

      Check out this sony damage controller hahaha… how does sony’s dick taste

    • bigshynepo

      Fine I think, but I’m no expert.
      For an authority on dick taste, get your mom’s opinion.

  • Humbre

    that pricing is ludicrous

    • bigshynepo

      It’s also false.

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  • bigshynepo

    We all know it’s not going to retail for this much. I understand you have a personal bias towards Oculus Rift but why even waste your time writing a whole article about something that’s clearly a placeholder (even your source article spends the entire time speculating if the info is correct)? Let’s wait for the Sony announcement and then let fly with the articles.

  • MR D

    VR will take off once the cheaper knockoffs start showing up from china.

  • bigshynepo

    “I have strong doubts this price is legitimate, and I’m leaning much more
    toward this being a placeholder price or a glitched page”

    At least the source author knows he’s writing about a fake price. How the hell do you write this whole article without acknowledging that the price could be (and probably is) a placeholder?

    This is actually pathetic reporting, right down to where you say “looks like the PlayStation VR is set to cost $1,125.35″….please don’t believe your own lies.

  • Kyolux

    Definitely a placeholder price.

    Might pre-order anyway, if we’re lucky, along the way, some silly price error will show up and we’ll get it for $30.

    Edit: I’m too late obviously, it’s already “unavailable”.

    • Patrick O’Rourke

      It’s more than likely a placeholder, but also an indication (I think anyways) that PlayStation VR likely won’t be the affordable VR headset a lot of people assume it will be.

    • Kyolux

      Personally wouldn’t take it as an indication of anything. But it’s definitely going to be cheaper than occulus rift.

    • bigshynepo

      First of all, thanks for updating your article to confirm what we all thought – that the Amazon info was a placeholder (despite you leaving that part out of the original article).

      What’s this tho? You still manage to throw in a veiled slight at Sony’s tech by indicating (with absolutely ZERO evidence) that the PS VR won’t be ‘affordable’. Just stop it.

    • Patrick O’Rourke

      The article, from the moment of publication, always stated that the price is likely a placeholder (although it’s still possible that it isn’t).

      What you call a slight I consider speculation. VR is expensive to develope and expensive to produce. Anyone who thinks PlayStation VR is going to cost under $300 is likely incorrect.

      Believe me, I wish that’s how much PlayStation VR was going to actually cost.

    • bigshynepo

      You know it’s possible for Sony to launch considerably cheaper than Oculus Rift and still not have to go under $300usd? It sounds like most people are expecting a $350-$400usd retail list but Sony has surprised on price before this generation when they undercut the Xbone launch price.

      There has been absolutely no info out of Sony about the price of PS VR besides them saying “it could cost as much as a console”. So, if that’s all Sony has said, why do you continue to speculate that it’ll retail for as much or more than OR?

      The fact that you printed “it looks like the PlayStation VR is set to cost $1,125.35 in Canada” when the source article was skeptical and Sony has denied that price point seems confusing.

    • You can’t even get a next gen ps4 for that and they are cheaper to make than first gen.

      Anyone who expects to pay under 300 is going to be waiting till 2020 boxing day to make their purchase

    • It is weird that people think that. Sony products are always more expensive. They are worth every penny you pay but they are never not expensive.

  • Andre Fortin

    That much for a device that cannot do 4k resolution…f**k off Sony

    • j1004796

      Neither can the Oculus Rift.

    • bigshynepo

      Thanks for proving internet illiteracy is at an all time high.

  • travis hansen

    $799…..$1125 Canadian. When did this happen ?!?!

    • Joseph

      It didn’t it was a place holder the price will most likely be 399 US and 479 CAD

    • Andrew

      Except that $399 USD is about $559 CAD right now.

    • bigshynepo

      Yeah, I could see Sony taking a small hit on the exchange but I’m fully expecting a $449cdn-549cdn price point. A $349usd launch price wouldn’t surprise me with the momentum Sony has right now with Playstation.

    • Micheal Archer

      Check your posted exchange rates. This minute, if I wanted $800US, I would need to spend $1155. These rates have been in effect since mid-December and have been similar to this for the past year or so…

  • GPman

    Proof it is all place holder junk is the latency section. I seriously doubt they would talking about twice as fast as prototype to the masses.

    It has to and will be cheaper and subsidized. We all know add ons on consoles notoriously fail, even cheap ones. So to come in with this high of a price would kill it. Game Developers know this too and wouldn’t waste their time if they expect it this high. Plus they know the cost of phone VR combos as well so its not like they are in a vacuum either.

    It has to be affordable or it will fail, they know this. Right now is an absolutely critical time for VR pricing. With everybody having their own phones and cheap price of phone VR, it is now or never for VR consoles.

    • At that price they might not be aiming at regular consumers. They might be aiming at hardcore gamers and the pro gaming industry.

  • Collin dubya

    Over twice as much as the console, njce try sony, nobosy will go for that

  • Another pass for me. You can get a used car for these prices. A used car or a 16gb iPhone.