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Samsung shows off experimental wearables at CES 2016

Samsung expiremental

CES has slowly evolved into a technology trade show more focused on connected cars than smartphones, but that doesn’t preclude other cool tech, particularly in the wearable space, from being shown off at the conference as well.

The South Korean technology giant showed off a variety of interesting wearable technology at CES 2016, all stemming from its Creative Lab division. One of the new creations the company discussed is called the WELT, also known as the Wellness Belt. The WELT has the ability to communicate with the user’s phone, and is able to automatically tell how many steps have been taken, how long they’ve been sitting, waistline size, and most interestingly, eating habits.


The company also showed off Rink, a hand motion controller designed for VR devices, particularly Samsung’s own Gear VR. Another interesting example of the wearable tech Samsung had on display at CES 2016 is the Sol Bag, a purse that contains solar panels, allowing the user to charge their Samsung Galaxy smartphone directly from the bag. Unlike most of the experimental wearables Samsung has revealed so far at CES, the company says that the Sol Bag is actually set to hit the market at some point in 2016.

Samsung also showed off the Smart Suit, which is already for sale in Korea for around $500 USD. The Smart Suit comes equipped with NFC, allowing the wearer to unlock their phone when it’s removed from their pocket.

The final experiment Samsung discussed at CES 2016 is the Body Compass 2.0, a workout suit that contains six difference kinds of sensors that track various fitness levels like heart rate, respiration and body fat levels.