Motorola sends invites to July 28th events in New York, London and São Paulo

Motorola has begun sending invites to events hosted in New York City, London, and São Paulo on July 28th, promising that “Your relationship status is about to change.”

The Lenovo-owned company is expected to announce at least two new phones at the simultaneous events, including a Moto X and Moto G, along with refreshes to the Droid lineup for the U.S.

We’ve already seen a number of leaks indicating that in some ways Motorola is returning to the soft curves of the original Moto X while retaining the metal chassis and larger screen size of last year’s model. What we want to know is whether the camera, which a Motorola executive promised would receive a big upgrade this year, can stand up to the competition.

We’ll know more soon enough – July 28th is less than two weeks away.

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