SyrupCast 40: Apple Watch Launch Recap, ft. Eric Leamen

SyrupCast celebrates 40 episodes!

This week, new MobileSyrup contributor, Eric Leamen, joins me for a fantastic conversation about the Apple Watch, including our first impressions of the wearable; Apple’s recent Q2 earnings; how carriers are adjusting to the higher cost of iPhones; my first impressions of the LG G4; and whether the Galaxy S6 and LG G4 beat the iPhone 6 in camera performance.

Hosts: Daniel Bader, Eric Leamen
Runtime: 1hr 28 minutes

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  • Jeff Brassard

    Sorry to say I think this might be the worst podcast you guys have ever done. Over an hour just on apple watch again. In a week where there were a bunch of huge announcements at Build. I know I’m a bit of a Microsoft fanboy and they own a tiny piece of the mobile market, but honestly you couldn’t have cut your Apple watch discussion 10 minutes short to talk about Build for a few minutes. There was a ton of stuff with hololens, Windows and Phone to talk about and nothing? NOTHING? More about the god forsaken apple watch? WHY???????????????????????????? Seriously though, why? I all honesty these kinds of episodes really turn me off the podcast and you know what since I ended up skipping like half the episode anyway I may honestly just stop listening…. Yeah it sucked that bad!

    • Mo Dabbas

      I’m not really into Windows Phone (so I’m not gonna talk about it here in my comment). But from my friends who tried windows 10 on their laptops, it seems Microsoft got it right this time (compared to windows 8). I also looked at some holo lens opinions and I’m really looking forward to the idea it represent and the possible potential it holds. I think the virtual reality technology is gonna have a great future and various applications (gaming, education, professional….etc). really hope Microsoft delivers well on it.

    • Jeff Brassard

      Which is why I would really like to hear Daniel talk about it. Because he actually tried Hololens… and yet another hour and a half podcast about the apple watch. Gah!

    • JB

      Thats like asking rene ritchie of imore to talk about android. Dan should be running a apple fan site, and im not saying that to be a troll, I mean it being completely serious. The guy doesn’t really care about anything else and it couldn’t be anymore obvious then pushing apple content on a site who’s readers are mostly not apple users…..lmfao.

      My advice Jeff is to switch podcasts to more genuine open tech brand discussion. This one is run by no offense but toronto city (hipsters?) who desperately wanna be The Verge in New York….so it’s gonna be apple all day every day. Anyways cheers.

    • Quantos

      You know that all podcasts don’t necessarily have to cover every single thing that happened in the past week (including, but not limited to Microsoft)? This is obviously an Apple Watch-focusedPodcast, as indicated in the title and description. Don’t be surprised if Microsoft is not brought up. I am also very interested in what Microsoft seems to be doing at the moment, but it doesn’t need to be in this podcast. It can be in a future podcast (or not mentionned at all here, in which case you can go elsewhere for Microsoft discussion). Anyway, don’t say that this podcast is the worst they’ve ever done simply because they didn’t mention “your” product.

    • Jeff Brassard

      The thing is, though I do love Microsoft and thought that their news was at least worth mentioning, I also really like the the Canadian content as well. I like hearing about the carriers, the CRTC and I like hearing a Canadian perspective on all kinds of tech news. I already listen to Macbreak Weekly and the Cultcast for apple news. This podcast is great when it is Canadian. It sucks bad when all they do is join in on an apple lovefest that is going on everywhere. It sucked, sorry to say.

  • neo905

    Damn that watch looks so feminine. I didn’t really notice it until I saw it on this guys wrist.

  • danakin

    I enjoy the podcasts and am subscribed.

    Daniel, as others have stated about this episode’s content, this is why you get the Apple fanboy/bias/iSheep comments. Lots of news in the tech world this past week and a disproportional amount of the talk was dedicated to one Apple product. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the discussion but was left wanting more. You dropped the ball as a journalist this time. I listen to 5 other tech podcasts each week across all platforms and only the iOS podcast was as Apple saturated as episode 40
    If it’s about clicks and ad revenue; just have the sack to state it. The bulk of us visiting the site understand you need dollars to keep it afloat and to maintain it’s pedigree.
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing I’m happily subscribed.

    • Daniel Bader

      The podcast was literally called Apple Watch Launch Recap. We couldn’t have been clearer about our intentions for the content of this week’s episode.

      Some weeks will be more focused on news and goings-on in the industry from all corners; others will be more focused and in-depth, like today’s.

    • danakin

      Daniel, you’re coming off a bit defensive. To suggest that you “couldn’t have been clearer” about your intentions by reiterating a four word podcast title is weak. The podcast summary, a better medium by virtue of word count for setting podcast expectations than the title, references a camera performance discussion and initial impressions of the G4. By the end of the podcast I was left with nothing but Apple aftertaste. As others have mentioned, that’s OK, but It does come off as misleading and “clickbait” like.

      As I stated earlier, I really like this site and hope it continues improving. In my opinion, the podcasts have become more focused and informative since Jane left. Even Doug has dropped some of the clownish elements that had crept into the content. I like the approach of bringing in subject matter experts – even if they’re biased towards one platform. This provides listener a new, in-depth, perspective and keeps your podcasts from degenerating into the hot mess that’s befallen The Vergecast.


    • JB

      Danakin this is his MO. The guy is a HARDCORE apple fanboy, but thinks he’s mr. Neutral……smh.

    • chris

      You should name your next article: “Users SHOCKED that Apple podcast episode is too much about Apple.”

      It’s also funny that you predicted the backlash in the actual podcast.

    • danakin

      Best line of the day!
      That being said; if you predict backlash and continue down the backlash generating path does it not come off as clickbait and somewhat cheap? I’d like to think that a site this good could maintain journalistic integrity without resorting to readership discord for ad revenue.

    • chris

      I don’t think you understand what clickbait is. Clickbait is where there isn’t really any content (or different content) behind the link you click. There was content here, and plenty of it, you just didn’t like it. I liked it, so clearly it was for someone other than you.

      They predicted people calling them fanboys, and then talked about how ridiculous that is. I suggest you either listen to that part again, or bark up another tree.

    • danakin

      I disagree with your take but appreciate your opinion.


  • bmccull

    I can’t see myself ever buying an Apple Watch.

    Having said that, there is no doubt that it is definitely a game changer. I enjoyed hearing about it and have no trouble with a podcast that focused on one product that is going to have a huge effect on the industry.

    • chris

      100% agree with you. I’d rather hear a lot of in-depth discussion on a single topic than quickly going over a bunch of smaller things. I may not be an Apple guy myself, but I’m very interested in how this new product affects the industry, and I feel a lot more knowledgeable after listening to the podcast.

      I get my news from the news, and I get thought-provoking conversation from podcasts

    • JB

      Lmfao dan that you?

    • chris

      Why, just because I don’t complain about everything? Get a life.

  • Clinton

    The entire podcast on the apple watch was a little much, but the apple fanboys have a lot less announcement to get excited about each year.