I don’t follow boxing, but I’ll certainly Periscope it


  • mizkitty

    So streaming sites are “seedy”…but watching the fight on Periscope is “legit” enough to write about?

  • roscany

    that was me with the hearts… people were not pleased

    • Chris

      Hide the chat and all of that goes away

  • yuernm

    Is this app on bb10?

  • Jakob

    The ‘fight of the century’ didn’t nearly live up to it’s hype.

  • Avgvstvs

    Finding live events for someone that is really gung-ho about a specific event is a seriously annoying adventure I don’t with on anyone. Just try streaming something live, the number of click bait sites is disgusting.

  • TheShinraCorp .

    Yeah people around work wouldn’t stop talking about it. I mean I do like boxing but I seriously do not care about any famous boxers, heck I didn’t even know what happened, I just let my co workers tell me what happened with their disappointed face. Glad I didn’t waste a few hours on that.

  • Raj Singh

    “I don’t follow boxing, but I’ll certainly Periscope it”
    Too cheap to pay for it?

    • Richie_Peterson

      Would you pay for something you arent interested in even if it is the “THING” to watch right then and there? Or would you just find a free live stream to just see what all the hype was about?

    • Raj Singh

      If I wasn’t interested, I wouldn’t care to find a live feed, free or otherwise.
      If I was interested or if I was having people over that were interested, I’d pay for it and watch it live in HD on a big screen.
      Otherwise, I’d just wait to see who won and watch highlights later.
      That’s just me but he was obviously interested.