HTC hires Idris Mootee as CMO, known as the “the ultimate foresight machine”

After several quarters of consistent losses, HTC recently recognized its first quarterly revenue growth since 2011. The gain was mainly attributed to its recent partnership with Google on the Nexus 9.

Despite previous losses, HTC continued its battle against its competitors — Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony — and produced well-built smartphones. The HTC One M7, followed by the One M8, have been standout flagship smartphones with all-aluminum designs.

But internally, there were a number of executive team departures. Scott Croyle, HTC’s head of industrial design, left last year, as did Fred Liu, its President of Engineering and Operations, and Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho.

With open positions brings new hope. After a seven month gap, HTC has hired Idris Mootee from Toronto-based Idea Couture. HTC stated, “Idris has extensive experience in marketing, strategy and design, which will be of great value to HTC’s business strategy as an innovation leader going forward.”

Mootee, according to his LinkedIn profile, breathes marketing and design and is described by peers as “the ultimate foresight machine” and a “design and innovation guru.” Mootee is a published author and is apparently one of the most sought-after strategy and innovation consultants in the world.

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