HTC’s head of product design departs as Sense lead takes over all software and services


  • brararsh

    Hopefully HTC just doesnt rely on single person for it’s designs. HTC needs to continue producing masterpieces in future and give fight to Samsung.
    Otherwise if there are small number of players, the innovation would stop.

  • Yasz

    how is this man touted as a hero for the M8 design? They copied Apple with the metal design…wow…groundbreaking HTC.

    • Nexzen

      An iPhone can make calls… Wow groundbreaking. Nokia and Motorola could make calls before them.

    • Yasz

      adjust your tinfoil hat before speaking. read the article – it’s about design you dolt

    • Nexzen

      Ya I copied Apple with my tinfoil hat. It gets good reception though.

    • Dimitri

      Do you have the need to call people names?. Why not speak to them like a adult and mature one instead of acting like a kid. This is why most of u on here aren’t taken seriously.

      It doesn’t matter what the article is talking about. The fact is YOU are claiming they copied Apple.

      SO what Nexzen is saying that Apple copied the rest as Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Palm Pre had phones which made phone calls, emails, texts and surf the web. His post is valid as well. You started it, dont be bitching and calling people names when they post as well

    • alphs22


      iPhones are beautifully designed but so is the M8. The two don’t look alike at all.

    • Dimitri

      So did Apple copy the CAT phone as well which has metal body since 2011?. Did Apple also copy tye design it has from LG Prada? Yes it did.

      IF you open your eyes to look for a bit you will see devices before Apple used metal on them. Most were plastic but some had metal.

      If you are so in love with Apple that is all good but don’t say Apple invented something that they didn’t. Most of their stuff are copied from other manufacturers BUT Apple claims they invented it.

      – iMessage is a clear copy of BBM
      – Notification pull down from status is a copy of both Android and BlackBerry.
      – fingerprint scanner was first with Motorola not Apple
      – Nano sim cards have been out for a while in China before brought it out
      – Home buttons have been out before Apple brought it out on many devices before it

      I can go on with more but u get my point correct?. Some stuff from Apple yes they mAY have invented but they are bragging about it like they are gods which they aren’t. They no longer are the copying that many like. Even the iPhone 6 will have a side Sleep/ wake button like the Galaxy phones have. They are making it bigger because they noticed many are giving up on the smaller screens.

      HTC has a beautiful device and honestly the only other devices that can come close are the Z30, S5 and Lumia 1520. That’s it. I iPhone can’t compare to it.. Everyone has their own opinions and views but many will think this.

    • gommer strike

      Actually what people should be focusing is not who did this or that first. We all know that Apple didn’t invent anything new. But they do do, is combine all the best things together, and/or refine a specific feature to the point that it just works. Compare iPhone 5s’s fingerprint sensor to Samsung’s. One of these works reliably, and the other just a gimmick.

      If you really want to fight over who did this or that first, anything that’s ever been invented was done way back in the 1970’s and earlier. There is truly nothing new today which was already thought of, or done several decades ago. Now it’s just all about who implements said feature the best, or combines all these features together in the best way.

    • vin

      It seems to me Apple is the best at some things but we can all thank HTC or we would be paying for every app you get on our fones Apple are very good at getting money off its ccustomers and its been laughing all the way to your bank so thank god for android and co the HTC one ,s4 and Z1 are all better fones than your iphones and you dont need I tunes TO play a song you like

  • jackjiarocks

    1- He wasn’t at New York Launch, he was at the London launch.
    2- Hopefully that Drew and Jonah can fit his shoes.

  • Dimitri

    Samsung still supplies Apple with chips and such. Open a iPhone up and u will see some Samsung chips in there.