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FiftyThree makes popular Paper app free to promote sales of its stylus

Paper, the immensely popular iPad app that bagged 1.5 million downloads in the fortnight after it launched, has just been made completely free. The app launched in 2012 as a simple drawing application with various tools (like Color, Sketch, and Write) available as in-app purchases.

In a post on its official blog, publisher FiftyThree announced that the Draw, Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer tools are now available for free. What’s more, you don’t even have to download them after you get the app. These aren’t in-app freebies, but included in the app download from here on out. Current users will have to update to the latest version to see the tools.

Speaking to The Verge, Paper CEO Georg Petschnigg said that the launch of its collaboration service, Mix, has seen the Paper app’s popularity surge. The company is hoping that today’s move, combined with Paper’s increased popularity, will push sales of its Bluetooth Stylus. FiftyThree released the Pencil in 2013 and released the SDK last summer to allow for third-party app integration. The logic is that if the app is free, more people will be tempted to buy the stylus.

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