Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can now be reserved via Rogers Online Reservation System


  • Patrick Polish

    As usual, 299$ off contract. I don’t think the price will change from any previous Note release

    • Roger

      You mean $299 ON contract? I’d give it a month before they start a promo for $199 or $149.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    I want the edge. I know it may seem a bit gimmicky at the moment, but many useful innovations are usually viewed as gimmicky at first (including the Note itself when it was first introduced). Screens that go over the edge, I think, will be adopted by many phones in the future, and depending on how it’s implemented, I could see the potential value in it. I’d like to try it and get a feel for it.

    • le10017

      Hard to go wrong with a note 4 with a secondary screen. Just hope it gets some dev support, but out of the box, it seems pretty useful already. Just hope it doesn’t end up like the Samsung Continuum.

    • scott_s

      I’m glad there is tech junkies like you willing to try out new stuff. I can see there being some really cool features that the Edge can provide but I’m not yet willing to make the jump. People like you are the ones that usher in awesome new features.

      I’m just happy I’ll be picking up my first Note ever!

  • EP_2012

    Maybe I’m just tired, but where’s the link to the Rogers page? When I go on the Rogers site, I only the S5 in the “online reservation system” :/

    • Cin

      If you go through with the reservation on the s5 page, you’ll be able to select the note 4

  • johentie

    Can’t access my account seems to be down… Also what are the colour choices?

    • GuyM

      yes they seems to have problems with their site since two days

  • brararsh

    Great to see my name there, it’s available in Black and White though.

  • Jakob

    Too bad it runs TouchWiz.

  • GuyM

    saw only the ip6 no trace of the gnote 4

  • scott_s

    Samsung store is accepting no money down reservations for the white or black. No word on pricing or release date. I’m on the list for a white.

    I just got off the phone with Telus, no pre-order info for us yet. Nice to see one carrier on the ball.

    I hope off contact pricing isn’t any higher but I’m expecting it. The Note 3 was $750 at launch through Telus and is still sitting at that amount.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Can you post a link to the Samsung store Note 4?

  • Joe

    Does anyone know if we can buy this in Toronto unlocked directly from Samsung?

    • Gedd

      You get any Toronto details yet?

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Why haven’t you guys linked to the Rogers registration page, like you did with the iPhone?

  • jason tse

    Anyone know what is the minimum price for a plan for a note 4?

  • David

    I was just emailed that my Note 4 has shipped to my local Rogers store and that the full price is 775$