Apple expected to unveil its first wearable product at iPhone event on September 9th


  • JB


    • KiwiBri

      just wait.. the mainstream Media will pounce on this when its announced.
      Man, remember the days when Apple products were for the hardcore apple geeks..

  • Felix

    Isn’t it true that Apples nano was able to be a watch also? I guess that wouldn’t be classified as a wearable…

    • HiKsFiles

      True. I have one and the bracelet that transforms the Nano into a watch. Very clunky and appart from telling the time and playing music, there isn’t much you can do.

    • I used to wear iPod nano (5th, 6th gen?) with a watch strap for a good while. Only used it as a player and a watch (as you said). I ran the cord up my sleeve and out my collar. Perfect for labour work. I still have it in my work bag for the rare occasion I want to use it.

      Now I have a Samsung Galaxy Gear and though I wear it everyday, I use it even less. Despite being hacked to run full Android with Apex and Nova Launcher… I just can’t think of much I’d want to do with it…

      As it is, the wake function from movement is most annoying. It often gets set off when I don’t want it (like in a movie theatre), or won’t turn on when I want to check the time.

      To it’s credit, I am happy with handsfree calling, (pretty good mic quality, mediocre speaker quality), when I have my hands full unloading the car after shopping or something, but putting the microphones on the sides, they get blocked if I bend my wrist certain ways.

      What will the iWatch offer me that I would actually use?

    • Don’t forget the iPod shuffle. That’s wearable, too.

      Beats are pretty wearable, too, if you don’t plug them into anything.

  • alphs22

    All these rumours… the event hasn’t even been announced yet.

    • ShaBi

      The closer the date, the more i hope they don’t announce anything at all (regarding a watch, and I mean ever), just to have a laugh at the people going crazy about it.

    • JT

      Agreed! These rumors or events are being reported as top news stories. I simply don’t get it. Except for the initial rush of brain-washed Apple fans, its not really a huge deal.

  • mico

    blackberry is falling behind to last place..oh wait…LOOL

    • Felix

      How is it falling behind at all? By not releasing a novelty item that serves really no purpose?

  • ronnnyraygun1

    And the iFans will freak and have their minds blown because they’ve never seen wearable technology like this before! Wow!

  • icyhotonmynuts

    After Steve Jobs kicked the bucket, Apple has been consistently late to any technology party.