HTC bringing its entry-level 64-bit Desire 510 to Canada


  • kevin c

    Odd that the first commercially available 64bit ‘droid will be an entry level model. Would have expected it to be a premium model first.

    • Doesn’t matter, “64-bit is just a gimmick”.

      Does Android support 64-bit, anyway?

    • Mo Dabbas

      I agree with you. a 64-bit will be a gimmick at least at first. I’m not sure if android L is going to support a 64-bit, but the current ones don’t.

    • marorun1982

      64 bit will be gimmick until you have 4 gb or more ram in your phone..

  • Jeffrey

    Moto G competitor? Hopefully this will be sub $150!

  • Kienerman

    what’s the point of putting a 64bit with only 1gb of ram? nowadays 2gb at least minimum. With all newer models offering at least 3gb of ram now poor strategy.

    • marorun1982

      This is a low end phone ( 5 mpix camera ) not a replacement for the M8… omg..

  • JT

    It better be $150 or so because there’s no flash and only a 5MP camera. I still don’t understand why 5MP is entry level for 2014, should be 7 or 8MP. I had a 5MP phone camera in 2010!

    • Nikesh Patel

      Because 5 megapixels today is much better than it was 4 years ago. Sensor technology and software improvements can output photos that are quite acceptable given that.

    • JT

      I agree to a certain extent. Sensor technology is better and 5MP is not equal on all phone cameras. However, I don’t think we should need to use software or apps to “alter” pictures to make them look better; the camera should be good enough itself to take a good picture. I think the technical baseline of more megapixels should be increased. My pictures from almost 5 years ago taken on my “old” camera phone are better than the pictures my wife takes now with her 5MP Galaxy Ace II.

    • marorun1982

      Picture taken from a moto G look better than picture taken from HTC desire HD ( 2010 phone )

      Also what you say is a bit flawed..
      The software is really important as he is the translator to the data taken by your phone.
      You know te data comming out of the sensor need to be transform into a format to be read and seen.

      How this is done will often make a big difference (Example iphone 5S 8 mpix is as good if not better than most 13/16 mpix out there )

      Now samsung low end phone use the worst camera sensor on earth ( like the worst memory chip , battery ect )

      So never get a low end samsung you will regret it.

    • JT

      I misinterpreted what you said and thought you meant apps/software that people use post picture-taking (i.e. photoshop, etc.) .

      I routinely see iphone 5s pictures. They look great on a phone but once you put it up to a 23′ screen or a 50′ TV, they look horrible. My old Sony 5.1MP camera takes way better pics than the iphone 5s but, hard to compare a dedicated point and shoot camera to that of a phone.

    • marorun1982

      Yeah 5 mpix of today trash 8 mpix of 2010 easy.

  • Mike Cousineau

    Some people fail to realize the higher the MegaPixels the more space it will use within the HD. While sporting only an 8gb internal I think this is a smart move. I agree with the statement regarding 1gb Ram. Consider the spec of this phone are along side the Xperia T3 I bet price point wise it will be 249.99 – 299.99. More or less 299.99 as that’s where the previous model Desire was.

    • Benny X

      i wouldn’t pay more than $199 for it, but i agree with you that the price will likely be around $250, considering I bought an HTC Desire 601 ‘brand new in box’, for $250, which was $100 cheaper than what Bell was selling it for at the time. The HTC Desire 610, a slight upgrade from the 601, is selling for $200 in the US (off-contract from AT*T). This newer phone is merely a slight progression from that.

  • Bring the One M8 (Windows) to Bell please…I need a new phone!