Moto 360 specs and features revealed by Best Buy, priced at $250


  • It’s Me

    .4″ thick. That’s over a cm. wow. Thicker than many phones these days.

    • TomsDisqusted

      Yeah, I guess that’s why the promo images show the watch straight on.

      Personally I could have gone for one of the others – square works fine for me – but am won over by the prospect of standard wireless charging.

    • Accophox

      Given that watches fall into a different category of accessory than a smartphone, it’s been accepted that men’s watches (not that I’m saying that the 360 should be considered a men’s watch!) are fairly thick and beefy. My cheap fossil is .5″ at the face, for example. So, I don’t find a smart watch that’s .4″ at the face to be thick – it’s practically slimming. ;p

      That being said, I don’t want manufacturers to try and use bigger = better for smart watches to start packing in unnecessary and useless features.

    • Jane McEntegart

      This is exactly what we were talking about in SyrupCast on Friday. I wanted it
      so badly and then saw it in person and was like, “…Oh. : ( ”

      smartwatch I probably won’t wear because it looks too manly and big. And I’m no delicate flower myself.

    • Unorthodox

      That’s why I think the link band variant is most preferable. The metal band will make if visually thinner.

    • Steven Anthony Baranello

      0.4in is about 1cm, which is as thick as the pebble, so if you have a pebble, its the same thickness, which is fine with me

    • It’s Me

      The pebble is about 20% thinner. 2mm less might not be a lot for some but it is notably thinner.

    • Steven Anthony Baranello

      i just put my one of the first pre-order pebble on a caliper, and im measuring 0.45in so its actually thinner than the pebble

    • It’s Me

      Interesting. According to the FCC documentation the dimensions for the pebble are 50.33 mm X 32 mm X 8.44 mm.

    • Steven Anthony Baranello

      11mm on regular pebble and 10.3mm on pebble steel

  • Curtis K Louis

    I want this but I’m pretty sure it will run over 300 after taxes here.. Hmm

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hi everyone!

    The customization options are what I’m interested. I hope Motorola Canada gives Canadians better inventory and make it available on their own website like Google Canada does with the Nexus line of products.

    I ‘m a rogers customer and i think the variety of products you can buy on both rogers and Motorola Canada website is limited.

    I love Motorola products I just don’t want go state side every time I want a custom product by Motorola.

    MOTOROLA CDN Website: “look at the
    customization and things
    you can buy for your device!”

    Me : ” I found what I want , Can I order it
    directly from you?”

    MOTOROLA CDN Website: “No but you can
    order from rogers website .( or Fido)”

    Me : “Wait ……you mean only two color
    options ( black and white ) and a
    charger with Motorola brand on rogers
    site and not yours the manufacturer?”

    MOTOROLA CDN Website: “Yep. enjoy

    I hope X+1 and G+1 does well with better options to compliment the devices.

    Also how long do you think before 3rd party retail offer watch straps and more for Moto 360? ( early 2015 to spring 2015?)


    • Josh Brown

      I am pretty sure it uses standard watch straps. You can change them yourself.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      That true .

  • frogstar42

    I want to know what Ian Hardy is doing logged into Kellen’s computer!

  • Lakh Jhajj

    It’s a hit!! As I said before if it’s $250 or less. It’s a hit.

    • Thats not a good price for non-techy consumer adoption.

    • But its a design piece as well. and the whole point of this year is that the smart watch isn’t just for the techy consumer. and by motorola making this watch that is exactly what they wanted, a circular watch face you can change to what ever meets your standard in style. Something everyone is already used to.

    • I’ve spent over $300 in the past (shamefully) on just designer watches that don’t do anything but tell the time. If you’re looking for a $100 smart watch don’t expect this quality.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      You understand $300 gets you super low-end watches, yes?

      And I love how some of you wearable fans are talking trash about real watches, as if a real watch that “only tell time” is somehow inferior to smartwatches.

      I’ve got nothing against smartwatches, but you smartwatch fans need to understand doing more doesn’t mean better or more desirable, especially in the world of watches.

    • At what point did I say that ? This is why I hate commenting on this website everyone takes to assumption and spits in your face to say otherwise.

      I’m saying this is what motorola is going for, they are going for the more designer look, a better quality. A more premium price.

      In no way is $300 a premium price for a good watch, but it seems everyones standard for a smartwatch is $100, which I think needs to be reconsidered.

      I don’t know if anyone remembers but the Samsung Gear was $349.. and it had no styling at all imo.

      At no point did I say that a normal watch was inferior to a smartwatch, as owning several of them myself would imply quite the opposite.

      In the end if you don’t like the price, don’t buy the watch. If you don’t like an iPhone, don’t talk crap about it, just don’t buy it. If you don’t like the new Chevrolet car because of its price, don’t bash it, just don’t buy it.

      I don’t understand how THIS is the complaint of this watch / smartwatches in general.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Your tone was implied.

      “I’ve spent over $300 in the past (shamefully) on just designer watches that don’t do anything but tell the time.”

      The fact you used “shamefully” and said watches doesn’t “do anything but tell time”. They add nothing to the discussion or your overall argument regarding the 360, seems like just a jab at traditional watches and nothing more.

    • neo905

      Yes. But a watch that tells the time will do so for a couple years not a couple days before gong dead. I understand a smart watch does more. But the more that it does currently has to be tethered to something that already does it for you.

    • At the moment that is just the sacrifice of wanting to do more on your wrist. But I believe motorola is doing it right at the moment by offering wireless charging for its smartwatch. Putting that much less hassle in charging it at the end of the day.

    • neo905

      Ed, early adoption of these devices are almost exclusively tech nerds, not general consumers. What are you expecting a $100 watch? That will happen when/if it hits critical mass which is still several years away.

  • Columbo

    The circle design looks the best aesthetically which is why the 360 seems to be the most popular smartwatch, but ironically it’s probably actually the worst shape for functionality.

    • Comrade Yeti

      My nest would disagree with you

    • ShaBi

      Funny how you know it’s the most popular when it hasn’t even started selling. Functionality wise, I don’t see how it has any difference to any other shape. App layout and design, on the other hand, might be a little challenging, but if done right, it will be the reason why this watch is different from the others.

  • Way over priced!

  • PT

    $250USD . Is this a joke?

  • AGoodM8

    I realize there are worse watches (smart or not) that are more expensive, so I won’t say this is a relatively bad deal. In fact, if I was in the market for a smart watch, I’d buy this one for sure.

    That said… I can’t imagine any watch above $200 is worth it.

  • Keroma

    I would like to see how the screen look like. I saw the LG G watch and the screen didn’t really look good. I am not sure if it is because of the resolution or the screen panel itself. If this screen have lower ppi than LG, it may have the same problem for me.

    • Adam Wright

      Actually, I think the 360 would be more closer to 280ppi. This is 1.5″, compared to 1.65 on the G watch, and the resolution is 320×290 vs 280×280 on the G watch. The math just doesn’t add up according to the specs given on the Best Buy site.

  • thepeddle

    The only concern I have is Texas Instruments CPU. I thought TI got out of the processor game that’s why older tablets running TI CPU’s aren’t getting anymore updates. I guess they’re focusing on wearables now and hopefully improved on their chipsets since the Galaxy Nexus.

  • KiwiBri

    .4″ thick.. yikes!

  • devon

    I’ll probably pick one up if the battery life is good, I have a pebble and I love it.

    The reason why a lot of people don’t like smart watches is because they typically don’t wear watches, 250 for a nice watch is pretty cheap.

    Smart watches should be premuim devices, the cellphone crowd and watch crowd and different.

  • johentie

    what are people complaining about.. if it’s $250 that’s awesome… the Gear Live and G watch are just a bit cheaper… Gshock watchs are around $100 .. and designer ones like movado etc are like +$700… the Gear 1 was more then $250 … for what it does and how good it looks $250 is pretty decent… what are people going to say when the iwatch gets listed at like $350(just pure guess)? i bet those Apple lovers will think it’s DIRT cheap!

    • I think everyone has been spoiled by the $149 pebble and discounted Gear (at $99).

      At an introductory price, with technology so new, I believe this to be more than fair. It’s not amazing, and by no means is it bad either.

    • johentie

      yah but the pebble is monochrome, like 8bit text and graphics, and doesn’t look as nice… i had both the pebble and Gear 1, which i got from Rogers on a $50 price with the purchase of my mother’s S4.. i loved them both, but having a vivid colour screen with unlimited customizing potential is WAY better… i like bigger watches so i’m good with the size .. i think $250 is more then reasonable.. but agreed it’s not Amazing… Amazing woulda been the same price as the G watch or Gear Live.. at the $200 range