Motorola’s Moto G successor rumoured to ship early September


  • danbob999

    The original Moto G will remain the better deal if this price is confirmed. There are tons of low end smartphones. The G was a success because it was cheaper than other phones with similar hardware.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      I agree ! The Moto G +1 is a great device
      but I concerned that carriers clear all inventory of Moto G 1st gen and LTE versions to make room for this charge $299 to $325 a pop and limiting your options to one device

      On the other hand If it moves in this direction and the Moto G +1 comes only in a black option,

      Rogers could gain sales by simply offering Moto G LTE at $225 a pop over the more expensive Moto G+1.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      I like my moto g cuz with 4.5 inch 720p display, its really beautiful seeing videos and pictures. And its compact.
      If they are planning to upscale the screen size, it will not be good with 720p display.
      4.7 would be reasonable upscale.

    • cartfan88

      The Moto G concept just jumped the shark…

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hello everyone!

    If this is true it brings some interesting Questions.

    If the Moto G LTE is already available this June for purchase and you don’t need a small improvement in internal spec ,

    What is the point of Rogers or others selling the Moto G+1 for another $100 over the current Moto G LTE Varient ?

    I already have the Moto G LTE which I am happy with.

    what incentive is there to purchase the Moto G+1 for new or old customers a like?

    • SL

      Would you say the extra $100 is worth it for the LTE version? Since the regular Moto G 8 gb is going for $130 right now.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi SL !

      Good question.
      Here ‘s my piece

      The original moto g from anywhere could be $ 99 and I still won’t buy it because of 8 GB storage.

      I purchased a rogers Moto G LTE in June for $225 where every other carrier offered the 8 GB varient in black for less .

      i always wait for the follow up. In this case the LTE is best deal for me.

      If the Moto G+1 came out right now and I had to choice between LTE or Moto G+1
      I would choose Moto LTE because it the hit the sweet spot.

      It improved on the original by adding two features that were it only faults
      ( I know the camera suck but for what it
      is it perfect for my needs )

      Cheers !

    • iSynic

      Why does it matter if it only has 8GB if it has a microSD slot?

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi iSynic!

      It depends on your use maybe you can rock 8GB of internal memory.

      I coming from the POV that Devices
      with smaller storage cap at launch
      Don’t usually expect people to use all the internal memory form updates from your personal life and such.

      I Think now that people are after minimum 32 GB on launch.

      Look at M8 over the M7 on SD card addition people complained on M7 “small” internal memory adding more and more must have apps.

      If your asking why I would chose sd card over internal memory it better to have room then digging at every last MB.

      Moto G 8GB gives you around 4-6 GB storage after OS software that you can use for whatever. The Moto G has NO SD card your stuck with internal memory on the Device.

      Moto G LTE adds SD card with cap at 32 GB along with internal memory from above statement.

      The storage can used for contacts email and apps and 8 GB is small you need the extra room for Updates which are getting larger.

      Moto G LTE and G+1 had a larger SDCard like 64 GB or more , I would agree with you and internal memory is a moot point. But OEMs are offering fewer SD card options due to backdoor security of side loading apps.

      imagine getting Note 4 with no expandable memory on only 16 GB on internal storage!

      I hope that got my view across !


  • Abdi Mohamed

    I more interested to see how the Motorola X+1 will be sold, will current Moto G owners jump directly to Moto X+1 given the price of the Moto G + 1?

  • vn33

    Buying a Moto G (8Gb /non-LTE) for a friend’s first smart phone. Walmart @ $130 Prepaid Telus, $120 Public Mobile (existing customer)
    On Kijiji, people trying to sell them between $150-$200 (non-LTE) … No wonder I see the same ads every day!

  • Buzz88

    I’m sure people who are loyal to the Motorola brand like I used to be will buy this up but 250£ = $420US for a phone with mediocre (year old at least) specifications isn’t going to fly with most.

    • Jim__R

      It’s 250 Euros, not 250 GBP.
      As such, the conversion works out to about $344 US.

      Additionally, there’s a good chance that that price includes VAT, which could be up to 20%, thus making the pre-tax price less.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Wow ……. Really?
      If carriers pick this up and don’t add any extra value other than Canadian retail price this might be bad for sales I think,
      I know the main thing is + 700 smart phones with better specs.

      With plans priced at +$80 per month.
      I can’t imagine people using a Moto G+1 beyond unlocked state on prepaid .

      I think people might skip directly to Moto X+1 or better smartphone altogether with higher price.

  • wes

    I replaced my nexus 4 with a used moto g and so far so good. Does what I want. I don’t game on my phone.

    • Juan Claudio Lopez

      I did the same. My nexus 4 was faster, but the battery is much better in the Moto G. Also feels a little bulky.

    • wes

      Same! I need to get rid of my Nexus 4 now!

    • wes

      Getting a phablet! Hopefully Google releases a phablet! If not then welcome OnePlus One!

  • AGoodM8

    If I was in the market for a good budget phone now, I’d wait to see if the Nexus 5 gets an awesome price cut like the Nexus 4 did almost a year ago. That could potentially be a better deal than the Moto G / G + 1

  • mad cracker

    can we ban the word selfies?

  • ToniCipriani

    Highly doubt they can call it G2 without getting a phone call from LG.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      Wound it work if they did “G II” ?

  • Pigs Can Fly

    I’m extremely happy with my Moto X, 4.7″ and barely bigger than an iPhone and fits right in my jean pockets, I think it’ll hold up for another couple years. I’m curious to how much bigger this one will be with its 5″ display.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi Pig Can fly!

      Hows the signature feature. Touch less controls for the Moto X treating you over time ?

      Would you trade up X+1 if the chance presented itself?


  • SL

    I was thinking of buying the Moto G LTE because of the microsd slot (8 gb is way too little), but should I wait for the Moto G+1? But my concerns are is that it won’t have a microsd slot and the price won’t be as good compared to the Moto G’s prices.

    • AGoodM8

      I’d wait to see if the Nexus 5 receives a price cut like the N4 did last year. If it does get a $100 discount as well, it would hit $250 for the 16 GB model – that imo would be a better option than either the Moto G or G+1.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi AGoodM8!

      I loved the N5 when it launched with it
      low price . but it going to be a fight on materials and the Motorola G series have better soft touch plastic and removable back plate. The price is important but unless Google can offer 3 more color options I stick with Motorola.


    • AGoodM8

      Well, in that case I’d consider jumping on the Moto G LTE if I were you. Keep in mind the expandable storage does have a few limitations on KitKat though, you may want to read up on the specifics.

      You’ll probably have to unlock it too because no trusted retailer is selling a factory unlocked Moto G LTE in Canada, at least not as far as I am aware.

      The future G+1 model doesn’t look all that interesting tbh. I hope it is better than the leaks indicate; if what we have heard about it is accurate then it wouldn’t be my preference. Unless the camera is a major factor, but even then the Nexus 5 would probably still be ahead in that department.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi AGoodM8!

      I agree that the G+1 is a small upgrade with a camera

      i already purchased the Moto G LTE in June knowing the storage Cap and i happy with what it can do.

      I not into top end specs like N5 but i can respect the fact it a top choice for many people. The N5 is great phone but it fragile
      IMO i can buy another Moto G LTE quickly if it lost or broken for $225 a pop directly from a carrier store.

      i wait and see what Moto X+1 in the Fall can offer.

    • AGoodM8

      I see. Well, the X+1 and N6 are possibly going to be great options; we’ll find out soon enough.

      As for the G+1 .. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t live up to the standards of its predecessor, but hopefully it is going to be better than what the rumors and leaks have suggested.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      The Moto G+1 will work great with new customers for Motorola as a great entry phone to the Moto X+1 ( Moto E is great two )

      Cheers to what to come in fall 2014!!!!!!

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Pick what’s best for your needs first .

      If your looking into buying a decent daily driver of a phone with basic 32 GB + internal memory and main use is basic email and calling go for the LTE varient if you want a bigger screen grab a moto X or the future Moto X+1 in the fall.

      My thoughts on Motorola line up

      Moto E : “Meh”
      Moto G : ” better I like I what I see”
      Moto G LTE : ” I want it”

      Future Moto G+1: “better camera +$100 ?
      No thank you! I skip it”

      Future Moto X+1:” If the specs are good I
      look into it”

    • SL

      Can you save apps on the micro sd? My app use is pretty moderate and the sd slot would be good for photos and music.

    • Abdi Mohamed

      Hi SL!

      Yes you can save apps on an SD card.
      Keep in mind 32 GB SD Card is the maximum amount of additional storage outside internal memory of 8GB on the Motorola Moto G LTE.
      Most 1st Gen are limited to 8GB.

      If you know how to sideload the app on you device via moving the apk file from your computer to Device it really just a matter of installing it.

      Also installing apps make sure look into the security menu that allows
      3rd party / Unknown sources is checked.

      Hope that helps
      Happy researching

  • Abdi Mohamed

    It be interesting to see how the Google moments / workshop will compare with Motorola Moto Maker.

    I will love to see a creative showdown between Custom Nexus 5 vs Custom Moto X+1!!!!!!!!!

  • milagroful

    These “budget” phones are probably way more than enough for most people that just text and facebook on their phone anyway. My small 32″ TV has a 720p display which looks great. Never got the dumb nitpicking about these tiny phone screens needing 1080p

  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hi Everyone!

    Now the only thing left is the Memory cap on the SD card usable on Motorola Moto G +1.

    If it stuck on 32 GB of additional memory like the Moto G LTE I think I stay with the LTE varient but if it goes above 64GB it would be intresting.