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Dropbox for Android gets updated with better search, doc previews

One of the best things about Dropbox is that you can access your files from anywhere. The catch is that while Dropbox may offer you access to all of your files from any device, the experience is not equal across all platforms. Some apps are better than others. For instance, iOS users currently enjoy document previews for formats supported by iOS, like Word and PDF. This week, Android users are getting that same functionality.

Dropbox on Monday announced an update that will see Android users get doc previews as well as improved search. Doc previews will allow you to instantly preview any Word document, PowerPoint, or PDF within the Dropbox app right with view, scroll, and zoom functionality.

Perhaps the biggest improvement is a brand new, redesigned search function that tracks your recent searches and suggests searches with what Dropbox is calling ‘typeahead’ suggestions. You can also search in specific folders or your entire Dropbox account and Dropbox will highlight the names of matching files or folders as you search.

Other updates for Dropbox for Android v2.4.3 include view-only permissions for shared folders for Dropbox Business users as well as enhancements to cache performance, and “lots” of bug fixes and other, general improvements.