Facebook forcing Android and iOS users onto Messenger, ready to take the pushback


  • ad19

    What is happening with BlackBerry 10 Facebook users?

    • awhite2600

      Who cares. Blackberry 10 is a small single digit percentage of the Facebook user base.

    • ad19

      Thanks for the enlightened answer. It was just a simple question and if you have nothing to add, don’t answer.

    • wahwah

      Its the truth, deal with it foo.

    • Anaron

      He obviously cares. What’s your problem?

    • wahwah

      He didn’t say anything offensive. Just the truth so deal with it foo.

    • jay

      Because we don’t need that

    • awhite2600

      I’m sorry if I upset any BB10 users. I was just trying to state that they are a very small minority of Facebook mobile users. Facebook is going to focus on its largest user base by platform – iOS and Android. That’s just good business sense. Things like Blackberry and Windows phone will not be at the top of a priority list. Perhaps in the future they too will be pushed to Messenger as well.

    • Cormang

      Windows Phone already has a Facebook messenger app. They should have killed in app messaging a long time ago.

    • Exikle

      I believe that because bb10 users compared to android and iphone are not as big of a user base, that they’ll probably stay on the regular fb app

    • BadGoliath42

      I think BlackBerry made the FB app, so I’m not sure it will affect them since they are just using the API.

    • Syaz

      They did indeed; it exists on the BB10 store as a made for BB10 app. Even if it didn’t an Android port would likely work.

  • grantdude


  • Tpickles

    Does that mean us that already use messenger will stop getting double notifications?

    • Nexzen

      The double notification has already been stopped by Google in the latest version of Android.

    • Anaron

      The latest released version or an upcoming version like 4.4.3?

    • Cormang

      You can’t disable notifications from the app manually? I had the same issue on Windows Phone except it was triple notifications because WP has built in FB chat, FB app, and the FB Messenger app. I disabled the notifications from the app and built in chat and now just use the FB Messenger app instead. Works very well.

  • SpellingBee

    “as beome” must be latin for “pressing spell check was just too much work.”

    • wahwah

      Come on. This is mobikesyrup, not the NY times…

  • Miles Harbord

    I just use my smartphone browser to go to Facebook, it’s far less obtrusive that way, screw the FB app, imho.

    • wahwah

      Screw Facebook in its entirety would be a better idea. The old saying Facebook is for f**s rings true.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Crap… Just as @b3ll (his Twitter) made the jailbreak tweak to make Facebook ChatHeads working outside Facebook… (Chatheads on iOS are only in Facebook, not Messenger)

    • Anaron

      Hopefully, they’ll update it so it behaves like the Android version of Facebook Messenger.

  • Allan

    What phone is that in the photo?

    • Anaron

      Moto X.

  • Pat Simeon

    Time to deactivate auto-update on for Facebook on my Android, hahaha. Hope this works.

    • Striker67

      Won’t work. They can turn the messenging part off on their end.

  • hardy83

    The Facebook app already lets you chat. It’s stupid they want you to use multiple programs to do what one app already does.

    It’s just a waste of phone resources and battery life.

    • Cormang

      Not really. I’d rather have quick access to FB Chat and NOT have to use the Facebook app. I don’t understand how having two apps would affect your battery. Regardless if it’s one app or two, the workload is the same…

    • FiveOD

      Because Facebook running in the background is enough of a resource hog and battery drain as it is.

  • TrollSoul

    I’m not downloading another app just to use Facebook Messaging. Guess I won’t be messaging on Facebook anymore…

  • FiveOD

    If I didn’t need to use Facebook to stay in contact with my classmates I would have disabled my account a long time ago. It’s only a matter of time before Facebook dies and is replaced with something better. Hopefully this kind of naked, profit hungry hostility toward their user base will speed up their inevitable demise.

  • hoo dat

    Facebook pissed me off years ago when it became apparent that they didn’t then and never would take their users’ privacy and security seriously, I haven’t used any of their services for about 8 years now and I don’t miss a thing. With Facebook now willing to play chicken with their users it wouldn’t come as any surprise if we saw members dumping the thing altogether. I know quite a few people for whom it wouldn’t take much more for them to quit.