Fongo for BlackBerry 10 now available to download


  • silver_arrow

    Serious question but would our carriers block data only plans that are being used in phones?

    • Columbo

      Do data only plans even exist? (I genuinely don’t know)

    • Claude Gohier

      There are data only plans for tablets. I’ve heard mixed reports as to if they are allowed or not on phones.

    • JTon

      I’ve heard mixed reports as well. I believe they are not allowed on phones, but work on them just fine. Verizon is the only carrier i know that has a whitelist for devices on their data only plans

    • deltatux

      Yes they do, they are called “tablet plans” but honestly they work on regular cell phones, just need to manually change the APNs.

    • Syaz

      They’re very rare, and you usually have to argue until you’re blue in the face in order to get one. They block them because they like charging for a phone portion of a plan. They claim it’s a 911 liability issue, but in actuality, it’s because they’re crooks.

    • SN

      Not with Bell, read my post above. Non-tablet data only plans are fair game and start at $35 a month for 1gb.

    • SN

      Yes, data only plans do exist. No I am not talking about tablet plans. With Bell, data only plans start at $35 for 1gb of usage. And yes they are available to everyone. No, they’re not advertised. If someone tells you that data only plans are not offered, they must be either new or lack training. Given this information, is it worth it? No, especially when you can sign up to tablet plan and change the APN on the device you are using to a tablet APN – as mentioned already in previous replies.

    • Thomas Yok

      Wind has had data only sim plans since day one. And you just change the APN to use in a phone. You can even add the U.S. roaming add on with certain data only plans.

  • KiwiBri

    ” For the millions of loyal BlackBerry users who have been waiting for Fongo to step-up and launch a BlackBerry 10 app ”

    Do you really believe that there are “millions” of people waiting for this app on a BB? I doubt it. 😉

    • Syaz

      Since BBM voice, I’ve dropped the use of Fongo

    • Martini

      A lot of Canadians are loyal to BB, so it’s not that difficult to believe.

    • KiwiBri

      Only the ones who got given a free phone from work or havent (yet) lost their jobs working at RIM.. I mean BB.
      Oh, and I forgot, the ones who have investments in BB Stocks. Somehow they think buy using BB they are helping their investment

  • deltatux

    Looks like it’s just an Android app, but adapted for BlackBerry’s UX. There are many elements of the Holo UX there.

  • Mäuri Freitas

    Damm, with windows phone around they are making an app for this horrible OS

    • Balls O’Steele

      Fongo for nexus 5 is far from perfect.
      -terrible echo on speaker phone (despite trying all echo cancellation options).
      -call waiting does not work.
      -annoying message keeps popping up after a call telling me how much money I “saved” even though I paid for the app
      -Fongo wifi lock does not work (but I found a workaround with Wifi Keep alive app).
      -many corporate and public wifi networks prevent Fongo from connecting

      Nevertheless, I do recommend it as my voice and data only costs $35 on Bell’s prepaid I pad plan. No Apn change required, just plug the sim into the nexus 5 and install the Fongo app. Do not use the regular Android dialer to make calls.

    • Mäuri Freitas

      I’m using it on my galaxy mega, yeah, not perfect I agree but it’s a nice alternative. How do you do the wifi lock tough ? I’m having problems with that

    • Balls O’Steele

      Install wifi keep alive (there are several on the play store, use the one by roys)

    • Mäuri Freitas

      Ok, I’ll try it out. Thanks mate

  • DrWhoWhat

    I’ve been running the Android version on my Z30 since I first loaded the leak. It works just as well on the official 10.2.1 OS. If they want to do a proper BB10 version, make it headless.

  • rd0t

    It looks like Fongo is porting their Android app over to BlackBerry World from the looks of it. It’ll be nice to have it officially but with the awesome new Android runtime on 10.2.1, I’ll just download the latest Fongo Android APK and install that 🙂

  • kilowiko

    Its too bad fongo has the worst VoIP service known to man. I don’t care if its free, when people on the other end of the line can’t hear you its not worth free.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Works fine on bluetooth and lte

    • deltatux

      Works fine here, I have friends on crappy Internet lines and I can still hear them fine. Could it be your line that’s acting up?

    • Cody Williams

      learn your settings