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MetaPro AR is the cooler, better-looking version of Google Glass

Cool isn’t one of the words usually associated with wearable tech but Meta wants to change all that. The company is on a mission to bring the “Tony Stark” dream alive with a new pair of aviator-style augmented reality sunglasses called MetaPro.

The smart sunglasses are not only the most fashionable we have seen in the wearable tech space, but they also promise to pack a computing punch. Unlike Glass, which has been primarily notification driven until now, MetaPro aims to deliver a “holographic experience”. The smart glasses let you interact with the digital world in your field of view by using finger and gesture interaction.

Meta is currently working with developers on getting 500+ apps up and ready for the device. But users can also mirror real devices to their MetaPro glasses to use them virtually. Using a virtual iPhone on such a futuristic device seems a little backwards to me but it does give users a lot more apps to use out of the gate, so I do see its value.

MetaPro retails for just about $3,000 which is double the current price tag of Google Glass. But MetaPro offers 15 times the screen size of Glass, displays 3D instead of 2D, and  has a display for both eyes so perhaps the price is justified. But the price is also high because MetaPro isn’t just a pair of smart sunglasses; it relies on a pocket computer which you need to carry with you to offload the processing power.

Deliveries of MetaPro are expected to start June of next year, with pre-orders starting now. If you are interested in Meta’s technology but don’t have $3K just laying around, Meta is still offering their developer edition Meta.01 for $667.00.

Source: MetaPro
Via: TechCrunch

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